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  1. hey guys is there any chance of getting green Army versions of the Wildcats. Would love to have them :eyeheart:

     On another note i can appreciate what im about to ask for to be way down on your list of shiz to do but with regards to the Apache, is there a chance of only have the cannon move when it is selected, so that it isnt on the move when other weapons or none at all are selected??

  2. Hello HillGamez, in response to your second point, are you talking about units placed in the 3D Eden mission editor? If so, the unit will only have his uniform and weapon. Once the mission begins the unit will be assigned his helmet and vest, plus face gear. If you are placing a unit with Zeus while the mission is running, and they do not have a vest or helmet, then yes, that is an issue. Can you confirm which?

    its not a bug its a addon request my friend were the unit is just the uniform and nothing else even after load in