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  1. HillGamez

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    i genuinely popped a boner going through the updates to the pack
  2. HillGamez

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    well damn.. next update then...
  3. HillGamez

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    please tell me in the next update the air-frames have "fold away" ability... please
  4. auss its been a pleasure watching you build this terrain up on stream
  5. RAF says its the QRA force an air france jet wasnt responding
  6. HillGamez

    Antonov An-12

    the pod at the front mounted to the fuselage would more than likely be a sensor suite- Radar & such
  7. is this going to have a selectable loadout system or fixed loadouts on different models? :ph34r:
  8. HillGamez

    Chernarus bases by DonbassCZ

    would love to see a cherno airbase tht actually fully secure instead of broken fences and shit
  9. HillGamez

    [WIP] CUP Frigate Retextures

    this, this is sexy pal
  10. it is but it's not standalone I hoping for one that is using the AWS weapons
  11. hey Firewill would you ever consider releasing a standalone MQ-9 Drone?
  12. HillGamez

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Looks like you LADS in 3 Para are having the same problem as us over in the 6thAB
  13. hey pal im not sure if this is any help but i thought id post it anyway http://forces.tv/29643446
  14. HillGamez

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Yes they have memory points and they are light enough to be lifted so I'm confused y it isn't working :/
  15. HillGamez

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    hey pal, been having trouble not being able to lift things that should be liftable such as the 3CB Jackal & Coyote
  16. HillGamez

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    mate do it at your own speed just now that we are very much looking forward to it
  17. HillGamez

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    looking forward to seeing the cold war camos
  18. Hey man love the work your doing I was wondering would you ever consider adding a module that can be synced to hangers??
  19. HillGamez

    Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet

    i think it should be the Hawk T1 with red arrows and normal training textures
  20. HillGamez

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    id say the ability to turn it off and on is what ppl would want over having no choice
  21. What kind of textures will there be for it?
  22. HillGamez

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    PLAZ PLAZ PLAZ with the Brimestones make them look like this:
  23. HillGamez

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    Compelling stuff as always pinaz great job buddy
  24. HillGamez

    3CB BAF Equipment

    ACE does tht