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  1. sdigyherjglö

    GPS resize broken

    Maybe it's considered a feature now, to not be able to resize it?
  2. If any dev or game representative has ever made any comments on this I d very much like to be pointed to where. It s a big !@$#%&*^ annoyance when it keeps pushing away actual chat communication in a never ending stream of crap I do not need to know about. This stuff should only show up in the logs, not in the ingame chat
  3. sdigyherjglö

    A polite request for an in game chat filter.

    I m terribly sorry the topic didn't fancy your sense of appropriateness. Other threads are that way.
  4. Does the in-game chat provide any means to filter it? I can't find it if it's already there somewhere It is quite enough to keep up with without having to continuously read server telemetry and !admin commands
  5. sdigyherjglö

    transparent terrain

    Changing draw distance, terrain detail w/e doesn't change a thing except frame rate :P Shooting at longer ranges with all the bad terrain is a more or less random exercise and thus quite frustrating. I guess the developer isn't all that hawt on fixing it.
  6. sdigyherjglö

    transparent terrain

    I zero my scope and aim carefully at the top of the hill in the distance towards a couple of silhouetting hostile soldiers. Holding my breath I squeeze the trigger, confident in the shot and my Mk14 goes bang. In intense anticipatiion of the kill shot I suddenly see a spurt of dirt mid air in front of one of the soldiers and realize the perfectly aligned shot was a waste as my targets are just teasing behind a magic transparent defilade. Is this something thats being adressed by the developer?
  7. sdigyherjglö

    ArmA III DX12

    well, will it DX12? Guess I probably shouldn't be holding my breath.