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  1. harpi2600@gmail.com

    Recycling, repair, connection

    Hi I have a few suggestions. Recycling: The recycling of unnecessary things in production, or at least shredder. Repair of destroyed things (wheels for cars, doors and other parts). Connection: oxygen and etc. to the base must be using a hose (like cables on electricity). it would be better to add a lift (in building up), ladder (easy to get to the roof) or track. shelter against radiation, or prevention or decontamination room
  2. harpi2600@gmail.com

    Recycling, repair, resources, etc.

    Hello I have some questions concerning Manned missions. 1. Radiation: Radiation reduction and prevention (tablets etc.) or not? 2. recycling: it will be a way to recycle the unwanted material that is made on the printer. 3. Repair: it will be possible to repair vehicles (torn wheel etc.), panels, machines etc. 4. Resources: it will be possible to decompose or combine the extracted resources more than ever before (adding new sources etc.) 5. Will the possibility to eventually reach the surface of Mars and build a base 6. What does planning for the future 7th mission Mining Site C-03 throws errors. Of Greeting Martian :-)