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  1. Right that's what I thought but you can turn some features off in both mods and they run pretty damn well together. There is a conflict with danger.fsm files/scripts so I'm hoping someone has experimented more with it
  2. Was wondering if anyone on this thread has had any luck making bcombat work in unison with ASR AI? I have been working at it for the past week and making some headway but I would love to compare tweaks and such to see how i can improve the two even further. I feel the danger fsm files on one needs to be tweaked but am afraid to do so without some guidance since im new to coding and such. Its pretty damn amazing to see the AI go after each other when the two mods are working together so there is alot of promise here. If anyone has suggestions or hints on what to tweak or how to tweak either mods would be much appreciated.
  3. d3uceplayer

    ASR AI 3

    Was wondering if anyone on this thread was able to modify ASR to work with bcombat? I am going to post the same question on their thread page but i figured here would be a good place to start. I have had some luck looking over posts from earlier in the year but with new versions of the mods out I was hoping someone knew more about it. I am relatively new to the whole coding thing so I am deathly afraid of tweaking either danger.fsm files or any file really unless i have some guidance. With what i have so far its pretty damn amazing what these mods can do together. Any hints or suggestions from anyone who has done this themselves would be great. -TA