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  1. Do you mean like this? /* ======================================================================================================================= downloadData - V004 a small script to download data from a laptop ( and as example because of this complete a task ) File: downloadData.sqf Author: T-800a / cuel for percentages How to: If you want one or more objects to be used with the script, give those objects a name in the editor and add/edit the following line in the init.sqf [ [ laptop01, nameOfMyPlacedObj, ... ], "T8L_fnc_addActionLaptop", true, true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; You can check if the download on a laptop/object was finished and you can check if someone uses this object: _laptopInUse = _myLaptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_inUse", false ]; _downloadComplete = _myLaptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_dataDownloaded", false ]; ===== LICENSE ========================================================================================================= DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, December 2004 Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar 14 rue de Plaisance, 75014 Paris, France Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long as the name is changed. DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR COPYING, DISTRIBUTION AND MODIFICATION 0. You just DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO. ======================================================================================================================= */ T8L_var_fileSize = 100000; // Filesize ... smaller files will take shorter time to download! T8L_var_TLine01 = "Funds Denied"; // download aborted T8L_var_TLine02 = "Standby"; // download already in progress by someone else T8L_var_TLine03 = "Requesting Funds"; // download started T8L_var_TLine04 = "Funds Approved"; // download finished T8L_var_TLine05 = "Request Funds"; // line for the addaction T8L_var_TLine06 = "Connecting ..."; T8L_var_TLine07 = "Connected:"; T8L_var_DialogAbort = false; T8L_var_DialogSucce = false; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// T8L_fnc_abortActionLaptop = { if ( T8L_var_DialogSucce ) then { T8L_var_DialogAbort = false; T8L_var_DialogSucce = false; } else { cutText [ T8L_var_TLine01, "PLAIN" ]; T8L_var_DialogAbort = true; T8L_var_DialogSucce = false; }; }; T8L_fnc_addActionLaptop = { { if !( _x getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_dataDownloaded", false ] ) then { _x addAction [ T8L_var_TLine05, { call T8L_fnc_ActionLaptop; }, [], 10, false, false ]; }; } forEach _this; }; T8L_fnc_removeActionLaptop = { _laptop = _this select 0; _id = _this select 1; _laptop removeAction _id; }; T8L_fnc_ActionLaptop = { private [ "_laptop", "_caller", "_id" ]; _laptop = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; if ( _laptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_inUse", false ] ) exitWith { cutText [ T8L_var_TLine02, "PLAIN" ]; }; if ( _laptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_dataDownloaded", false ] ) exitWith { cutText [ T8L_var_TLine04, "PLAIN" ]; }; cutText [ T8L_var_TLine03, "PLAIN" ]; _laptop setVariable [ "T8L_pvar_inUse", true, true ]; [ _laptop, _id ] spawn { private [ "_laptop", "_id", "_newFile", "_dlRate", "_percent" ]; _laptop = _this select 0; _id = _this select 1; _newFile = 0; T8L_var_DialogAbort = false; T8L_var_DialogSucce = false; createDialog "T8L_DataDownloadDialog"; sleep 0.5; ctrlSetText [ 8001, T8L_var_TLine06 ]; sleep 0.5; ctrlSetText [ 8001, T8L_var_TLine07 ]; ctrlSetText [ 8003, format [ "%1 $", T8L_var_FileSize ] ]; ctrlSetText [ 8004, format [ "%1 $", _newFile ] ]; while { !T8L_var_DialogAbort } do { _dlRate = 200 + random 80; _newFile = _newFile + _dlRate; if ( _newFile > T8L_var_FileSize ) then { _dlRate = 0; _newFile = T8L_var_FileSize; ctrlSetText [ 8001, T8L_var_TLine04 ]; cutText [ T8L_var_TLine04, "PLAIN" ]; T8L_var_DialogAbort = true; T8L_var_DialogSucce = true; _laptop setVariable [ "T8L_pvar_dataDownloaded", true, true ]; [ [ _laptop, _id ], "T8L_fnc_removeActionLaptop", true, true ] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; }; // percentage part by cuel! ctrlSetText [ 8002, format [ "%1 $/t", _dlRate ] ]; _percent = ( _newFile / T8L_var_FileSize ); _percent = toArray str _percent; { _percent set [_x,-1] } forEach [ 0, 1 ]; _percent = _percent - [-1]; _percent resize 2; _percent = toString _percent; ctrlSetText [ 8004, format [ "%1 $ (%2%3)", _newFile, (if ( T8L_var_DialogAbort ) then { 100 } else { _percent }), "%" ]]; sleep 0.25; }; T8L_var_DialogAbort = false; _laptop setVariable [ "T8L_pvar_inUse", false, true ]; }; }; T8L_var_INITDONE = true; _laptop setVariable ["T8L_pvar_inUse", false, true];
  2. So pretty much a long time I found this unit = group player createUnit ["classname", getPos player, [], 0, "FORM"]; and placed it in a radio trigger so when the player radios in he will get the corresponding unit. So after I implemented it in game it works but it spawns the unit for all players in game. Is there a way i can make it spawn only for the one activating the trigger.
  3. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you Spyder Addons completely laps what I wanted thanks again for the help.
  4. Thank you for your help but I ended up completely uninstalling the game and the profile and that made it work.
  5. I have a co-op MILSIM server that I usually launch from my computer and others can join. We stopped playing for like 2 weeks then I updated the mission *in editor* then saved and tried launching. But now the server doesn't appear for anyone. For me it only appears on LAN but not internet. My Wifi is good I have set-up and re-setup port forwarding I have restarted my computer I have verify game files
  6. It's not a dedicated I do the following. Launch A3 Click play with mods "MODPACK" Game loads Multiplayer Host Server Switch LAN to internet Check UPNP OK Pick Mission ///I know this has worked before but it has all of sudden stopped and makes it impossible to find my game on the server browser or join by invite.
  7. I figured it out. Thank you Sergeant. This is going to be Legen wait for it...
  8. I figured it out and now I will proceed to test it.
  9. I apologize Larrow. I'm not the best at this. Does this apply to multiplayer. At this point I'm just going off of paster knowledge. So can you break this down barney style. Or can you make an example. So pretty much this is just one of the 5 triggers I put on here and if you can make an example of it I can use that and make a template for the other ones. Thank you for the help and sorry for the trouble.
  10. SiC_fnc_placeSandBag = { _sandBag = createVehicle ["Land_BagFence_Long_F",(_this select 1) modelToWorld [0,2,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _sandBag setDir getDir (_this select 1) - 180; _id = _sandBag addAction ["Remove Sandbag", {call SiC_fnc_removeSandBag}]; }; SiC_fnc_removeSandBag = { deleteVehicle (_this select 0); }; _id = player addAction ["Place Sandbag", {call SiC_fnc_placeSandBag}]; SiC_fnc_placeFlag = { _sandBag = createVehicle ["FLAG_US_F",(_this select 1) modelToWorld [0,2,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _sandBag setDir getDir (_this select 1) - 180; _id = _sandBag addAction ["Remove Flag", {call SiC_fnc_removeFlag}]; }; SiC_fnc_removeFlag = { deleteVehicle (_this select 0); }; _id = player addAction ["Place Flag", {call SiC_fnc_placeFlag}]; SiC_fnc_placeSupplies = { _sandBag = createVehicle ["CUP_USBasicAmmunitionBox",(_this select 1) modelToWorld [0,2,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _sandBag setDir getDir (_this select 1) - 180; _id = _sandBag addAction ["Remove Supplies", {call SiC_fnc_removeSupplies}]; }; SiC_fnc_removeSupplies = { deleteVehicle (_this select 0); }; _id = player addAction ["Place Supplies", {call SiC_fnc_placeSupplies}]; SiC_fnc_placeConcertinaWire = { _sandBag = createVehicle ["ACE_ConcertinaWireCoil",(_this select 1) modelToWorld [0,2,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _sandBag setDir getDir (_this select 1) - 180; _id = _sandBag addAction ["Remove Concertina Wire", {call SiC_fnc_removeConcertinaWire}]; }; SiC_fnc_removeConcertinaWire = { deleteVehicle (_this select 0); }; _id = player addAction ["Place Concertina Wire", {call SiC_fnc_placeConcertinaWire}]; So I put this into a radio trigger and it works fine. The problem is when I use this: removeallactions player It also removes the advanced towing, sling loading, rappelling, and urban rappelling from the action menu. I need either a way to exempt these from the removeallactions. (No Progress) or I need the action ids or what to put in the second trigger. (Some progress I've gotten close) i changed all the "_id" to "id" and it got as close as removing the "Place Concertina Wire" option but that is all using player removeaction id I sincerely feel this myaction = player addAction ["Hello", "hello.sqs"]; and player removeAction myaction; holds the answer to my problem. I tested it without my content and it did what I want.
  11. So the Primary Objective of the mission is to Kill or Capture the Target. But first we must find him. My problem is hiding him. I need the 1 AI I placed to be spawned in a random location (done) but I need him to move to the nearest building no matter what the distance. The reason is because I am zeus and as soon as I open up the map in Zeus it's done I know his location. Now I would be working with my teammates to find this guy but it's unfair because I would know where he is.
  12. Alright I'm so close I have at most 5 fixes left before this server/mission is perfect. So what I need done I feel like should be simple I just cannot figure out a way to do it. So in Zeus there's an option to add a briefing. Every time you add a briefing with the same name it just adds it and the update time. What I need is for regular players to be able to trigger this interface and add "Intel" to this briefing.
  13. Thank you for your help. But I've googled and searched the mission folders and searched in game. I cannot find out where to put these. Again thank you much.
  14. Didn't work and i tried it with me leading him and before i lead him neither worked. there is a question mark before the "?VIP in thislist" when I hover over it. ---------- Post added at 23:26 ---------- Previous post was at 22:34 ---------- Haha silly me. I had the trigger set to Indie but when the VIP joined my team he became blufor. So i simply adjusted this and poof now the game is done and perfect. Thank you guys.
  15. Ok you probably seen that up there and said to yourself "this idiot, just use the join and lead waypoint" I created this perfect mission and the goal of the mission is to secure the vip. Specs: Friendly: US 3 Squads of 4. 3 squad vehicles Humvee GPK Opposition: Taki Militia 4 units per squad 36 squads per company and 3 companies. Widely Dispersed randomised spawn and randomised patrol points. and MBG Creationism Mod to make bases and FOB's. Yes this mission will take forever thats the point. Indies Friendly to all MAIN TARGET: Is a randomly placed UNO Officer. Objective is to find and secure him. I don't want to nox where he is. I want to search. So is there 1- A way i can hide a "JOIN AND LEAD" waypoint from myself and when i get near the target he joins me. 2- A way when i come within a specified distance of the target say 10 feet. that he will join me and follow me. 3. A way I can place a trigger on detected by blufor and group it to a join waypoint. when i try this no matter where he is the test goes off saying i spotted him. As of now I'm playing the mission as a Seek and Destroy Mission. Targets being 3 randomly placed SCUDs. Thank you for your assisstance.
  16. Thank you much I will try this and come back soon with an update. ---------- Post added at 18:16 ---------- Previous post was at 17:36 ---------- At first it didn't work. But then I realised that i was messing with his guard. So I went to him and voila it works. Thanks for the help beagle and Maff. Mission is nearly done I just have one remaining problem. I captured the VIP and escorted him to extract "I put him close to me for testing purposes" when he get to extract that sends a mission end response. But i assume since he joined my team it cancels it. file:///C:/Users/Tim/Desktop/New%20folder/arma2oa%202015-07-05%2013-05-18-694.jpg file:///C:/Users/Tim/Desktop/New%20folder/arma2oa%202015-07-05%2013-05-27-195.jpg file:///C:/Users/Tim/Desktop/New%20folder/arma2oa%202015-07-05%2013-05-33-588.jpg Now I've done it before but i can't find it. but there is a trigger where you can say "if this person is here activate" i just don't knox the words for it. Can you help?