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  1. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Hello, For the versions like massive african conflict and the zombies one, are there any lists for what mods are required to run these scenarios? I'd love to try them out but without digging into it I have no idea what mods we should all be running.
  2. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Are you talking about the Vanilla Chopper, or the CUP and RHS choppers? The Vanilla chopper rarely finds myself and friends, and if it does, it rarely shoots. When playing CUP and RHS, we've found if you start out in an open field, you have about a minute to make a mad dash for trees/cover otherwise the blackhawk will absolutely wipe you out without hesitation or remorse. Like 99 out of a 100 times. Miserable. kind of annoying really. BUT, if you make it pas the chopper, RHS is a blast.
  3. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    More stupidity and fun.
  4. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Not a Tanoa Video, but still escape. I really love this mission.
  5. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Question for Neo, and whoever might have had this issue lately my friends and I have been trying to play escape on CUP Terrains maps, chernarus, sahrani, etc... When starting the match and it gets to the black screen that says loading it gets stuck there forever. You can hit escape, go to camera mode, exit camera mode, and then can move your character around, albeit with no jail, or enemies. It does this both on my dedicated server and when hosted locally on my main PC. we attempted the most vanilla set of mods to narrow down issues and it will not load even with just CUP_terrains, CUP_core, and CBA loaded. have you heard of others having this issue? It's becoming really annoying, altis and stratis are only so much fun EDIT: I got the issue figured out. Need to run CUP Terrains complete on the server To add to this, does anybody need moar friends for escape missions? Finding that we need moar fwends.
  6. pilihp2

    [COOP] Escape Roy

    Absolutely love the mission. I'm curious if you're contemplating adding back the two extra player spots for a total of 10 players? I understand the reason why it's at 8, with the choppers only holding 8, and potentially being shot down. I had issues getting this to work on Sahrani the other day. When the game started it sat at a black screen and didn't say anything, when I hit escape to quit, the menu popped up and it would show myself and my squaddies floating in the water almost like the scripts just never started. After waiting a couple minutes of nothing happened we just quit and tried it on Altis just fine. Has that happened to anybody else?
  7. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Hey guys, maybe I can get some help on this. Going back to my prior issues a couple pages back. When starting this match whether we have mods on or off, everybody in my game will crash to desktop except the host. Whether I host, or two of my friends try to host. When we try to start a match, everybody except the host will crash to desktop before getting into the game. usually crashes when trying to get into the pre-planning part, or when loading into the game. Would an RPT file help figure out this issue? Originally, reinstalling arma fixed the issue, but I just reinstalled windows to upgrade to windows 10 and installed arma at the same time. A fresh arma and windows did not fix the issue so I'm lost on where to go from here.
  8. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    A full reinstall of Arma3 Fixed the issue. Just winged it and it worked. Weird. We have another unrelated issue that we've seen a couple times that we thought was related to just playing on United Sahrani, but now we've seen it on Chernarus as well as Altis. When trying to hack the little generator box at the camps, we're unable to hack them. The option is unavailable, we walked all around it with about 8 of us and nobody could get the option to hack. On United Sahrani we went to all 4 camps and could not hack any of them. We had the same issue last night on Chernarus, quit chernarus, and then tried Altis. Only I was able to hack the generator on Altis, nobody else out of the 6 of us were able to hack it. Conflicting Mod issue? Or bug in the map maybe? Gonna need a RPT file again?
  9. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Ah duh I should know that. I'll see if I can get a couple log files.
  10. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    Vanilla version of escape. We've done it with mods enabled, and also no mods enabled. It still crashes. Has nobody else had this issue? We've tried it with 3 different people hosting and still have had this crash issue.
  11. pilihp2

    co10 Escape

    With the most recent Arma 3 patch earlier this month my friends and myself have been having a crash issue. If any of us host the map, and then start the game up. Everybody excluding the host will crash to desktop, and it ONLY Does it with the escape maps. Any map, whether it's altis, or sahrani, will crash to desktop as soon as the game starts. Is anybody else having this issue???