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  1. The 2nd Marine Division Realism Unit are now recruiting new members to join us and lead to victory. Formed on the 19th June 2015 we are a new but experienced unit based in the Modern era of War. All Abilities and people (Including different countries) welcome to join with a realistic ranking squad all from the official marine ranking system, Training schedules, Operations, Practice games with Daily missions. Requirments to Join: 16 Years or Older (Younger welcomed but will be a separate rank) Good Mic so we can hear clearly Good English Speaking skills TS3 version (We can provide link to version if you don't have it) Arma 2 OA Able to Download 6 mods using WithSIX Willing to follow orders by ranks above you and be lawful A decent FPS is recommended but not essential If you have the requirements to join then please join us on our TS Server. We will put you with our recruitment team. Team Speak - UNDERGOING MAINTENANCE WILL BE BACK UP SOON Team speak is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back up shortly. Until then, feel free to message me on steam. Steam - Papp