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  1. I put it in the CA folder but I might've messed it up. Now it also seems a lot of more issues showed up as well :/ do you happen to have steam if I could add you and maybe talk there? It's a lot easier
  2. Anyone got an idea? I also came up with another question too. How would I do to bring arma 2 assets into terrain builder? I tried with the CUP ones but they seemed to have weird paths and uneditable rvmat's.
  3. I used Mikero's tool "ExtractPbo" and ah okay, yea I guess i'll just work with buldozer then :)
  4. //Script for spawning on different floors _differentFloors = [5, 10, 15, 20]; //Different floor levels (meters, can ofcourse change this to what fits you, these are only examples). _chosenFloor = _differentFloors call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; //This will select a random height by chosen a random number from the array we created. //The unit will thereby spawn on a random height. //Refuel and rearm script //Create a trigger and name it: RearmAndRefuel //Make it trigger when any player enters the location and make sure it is repeatable (check the box that says repeatable). //After that, write this in the activation field: null = [thislist] execVM "yourSqfFileName.sqf"; //Inside of the SQF file, write this: //Declare a variable for unit using the vehicle params ["_unit"]; //Selects the vehicle the player currently is using _currentUnitVehicle = vehicle _unit; _currentUnitVehicle setDamage 0; _currentUnitVehicle setVehicleAmmo 1; _currentUnitVehicle setFuel 1; Hopefully this should work for you, let me know if something doesn't work or you need something else.
  5. Np, glad I could help :)
  6. Well, I was looking at a far more complex solution than was needed. All you need to do is to repeat your code to remove the weapons from the jet after you have rearmed it. It would look something like this: veh = vehicle player; _spd = speed veh; engOn = false; veh engineOn false; waitUntil {!isEngineOn veh}; _i = 20; while {_i > 0} do { _i = _i -1; sleep (1); if (engOn) exitWith {}; hintSilent format [ "%1 Seconds Left" , _i ]; }; hint "GO GO GO!!"; veh setFuel 1; veh setDamage 0; veh setVehicleAmmo 1; _veh removeWeapon "weapon_AMRAAMLauncher"; _veh removeWeapon "weapon_AGM_65Launcher"; _veh removeWeapon "Laserdesignator_pilotCamera"; _veh removeWeapon "weapon_GBU12Launcher"; }; All you need to do is basicly have the weapons' removal code after you rearm it (and modify it so it has more ammo, did not include it.) so it rearms every gun and then removes the ones you don't want.
  7. To confirm, you want to add ammo to every type of ammunition (bombs, etc) but you want to also make sure that it adds the extra bit of ammo to the main cannon, am I correct?
  8. And your script for the customization of the cannons (gryphon for example).
  9. What does your current script look like? For rearming.
  10. Alright seeing as this was a bit more complicated than I originally thought (primarily getting the player who activated the trigger) it took longer than I expected but I managed to solve it. I used an SQF file to make it easier as I think it's rather complicated to do it all in the trigger module in the editor. 1: Place a trigger and name it trigger1 2: Set the activation to "any player" and "present". 3: In the activation field, enter this: plr = (thislist select 0); null = [plr] execVM "nameOfYourSqfScriptHere.sqf". 4: Create an SQF file inside of your mission folder which is located at: documents/arma3_other_profiles/yourArma3Name/missions/. Make sure you end it with .sqf so it is an sqf file. 5: Inside of the sqf place this: _seconds = 0; _person = _this select 0; while {_seconds < 11} do { PP_wetD = ppEffectCreate ["WetDistortion",300]; PP_wetD ppEffectEnable true; PP_wetD ppEffectAdjust [2.77,0.2,0.2,2.51,1,1,1,0.05,0.01,0.05,0.01,0.25,0.1,0.2,0.2]; if (_person inArea trigger1) then { _seconds = 0; } else { _seconds = _seconds + 1; }; hint format ["%1", _seconds]; sleep 1; if (_seconds > 10) then { ppEffectDestroy PP_wetD; hint format ["The effects have worn off"]; }; }; This makes it so that the effects will not reset if you're still inside the specific area however if you exit it, it will do a countdown of 10 seconds before the effects are worn off. Let me know if any issues pop up and i'll do my best to help.
  11. Seeing as it is a trigger that should be the case yea however, I realise now that you most likely should use _this so that the variable does not have the same value for every player. Give me a few minutes, i'll go and test it.
  12. This will repeat the effect every 10 seconds. I might've missunderstood you. If you want it to go back to normal view after 10 seconds then you can add an if statement above that will tell it how long it is allowed to repeat the function. _seconds = 0; if (_seconds <= 10) then { while {true} do { PP_wetD = ppEffectCreate ["WetDistortion",300]; PP_wetD ppEffectEnable true; PP_wetD ppEffectAdjust [2.77,0.2,0.2,2.51,1,1,1,0.05,0.01,0.05,0.01,0.25,0.1,0.2,0.2]; _seconds = _seconds + 1; }; } else { hint format ["The effects have worn off"]; };
  13. I did not set a timer on 10 seconds in order for it to constantly update but if you want it to update every 10 seconds you can add a sleep command. It would look something like this: while {true} do { PP_wetD = ppEffectCreate ["WetDistortion",300]; PP_wetD ppEffectEnable true; PP_wetD ppEffectAdjust [2.77,0.2,0.2,2.51,1,1,1,0.05,0.01,0.05,0.01,0.25,0.1,0.2,0.2]; sleep 10; };
  14. You can add a "while {true} do { YourCodeHere }. It would look something like this: while {true} do { PP_wetD = ppEffectCreate ["WetDistortion",300]; PP_wetD ppEffectEnable true; PP_wetD ppEffectAdjust [2.77,0.2,0.2,2.51,1,1,1,0.05,0.01,0.05,0.01,0.25,0.1,0.2,0.2]; };
  15. Hi! I'm trying to add custom objects into terrain builder but unfortunately it doesn't show the texture when i try to. How i add them is that i unpack the pbo and then put in the folder from it into the P:/a3 folder. Is that the correct or wrong way to do it, i get the objects but they don't show any textures.
  16. cookies2432

    Adding custom objects

    Thanks :D I actually started working on a map again and this helped me.
  17. Hello, and thank you for trying to help me (I presume that since you've opened this post). I have started working on my map project again and i've noticed that recently all of the mounting on the p:drive has become automatic which I love. However, I'm having a rather weird issue. When I try to mount and set up the p:drive, nothing works but if i use "subst P: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools"" in the CommandPrompt (CMD) it creates a P:drive that is correct. The issue with this is tho that, nothing can be loaded or used from it. When i'm in terrain builder and try to import from my P:Drive it can't find ANYTHING besides 3 folders named "a3, bin and core" and some other random files. I Have no idea what's causing it and would love to receive help from someone who has knowledge about it. Thank you for reading this //Cookies
  18. cookies2432

    P:Drive Broken beyond repair?

    I got it all sorted out, thanks to everyone!
  19. cookies2432

    P:Drive Broken beyond repair?

    It works but, same issue occures, only able to see those specific files when i'm trying to select something from my p:drive.
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    P:Drive Broken beyond repair?

    I checked it but sadly this is all that I can find:
  21. cookies2432

    P:Drive Broken beyond repair?

    It doesn't seem to be working, i'm doing everything that it tells me to do but nothing shows up in my folder :/