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  1. if you have two guys one using a designator and the other locked onto the chopper, if the guy keeps the laser on the chopper is it possible that the AA missile will avoid the flares for the laser or does this only work with chopper and plane missiles?
  2. ok so i got the marshall unlocked in a king of the hill map and one of the features i noticed it has was that it had the ability to lock on to targets with a certain ammo type. when i had the target locked it replaced my zeroing with an "auto" tag but when i directly pointed at the target it didnt change the zeroing to where the target was and also i thought first that the gun turret followed the target but that seems to not be what it does either. so really what is the targeting feature for on the marshall? the ammo is GPR-T i believe
  3. Varne162

    new expansion comparison to ARROWHEAD

    heres to some nice new weapons or bring some old ones from arma 2
  4. Varne162

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    very nice
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    Running after this new 1.46 update

    lol i havent seen the new sprint but i can only imagine
  6. ye this answers my question why i cant