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  1. Well, you are lucky. Even doing that did not fix it.
  2. Hello I am trying to retexture a patrol cap to several different patterns. When I tried to convert a png to a paa, it distorded the colors and added gray pixels to the texture. This is the first time I have seen this.
  3. layers.cfg https://pastebin.com/RFJeKkWZ one of the .rvmats, they are all the same except for the texture names https://pastebin.com/fDEgBkEZ
  4. I double checked my layers.cfg and my .rvmats and rewrote them and I still am getting the same error.
  5. I got the same error, any idea how to fix it?
  6. DaRude-Vangaurd

    The Atlas: Guide to ArmA 3 Terrain Making

    Thanks for the help. I decided to start over and not make the same mistakes.
  7. DaRude-Vangaurd

    The Atlas: Guide to ArmA 3 Terrain Making

    Thanks for the tutorial. I finished making the terrain and I wanted to make the pbo with Addon Builder. Whenever I tried to pack it, I got an error with the config, Build failed. Result code=1 CfgConvert task failed. File P:\Vanguard Alliance\Map\VA Map\config.cpp, line 2:/CfgPatches/: 'M' encountered instead of '{' Config : some input after EndOfFile. Error reading file P:\Vanguard Alliance\Map\VA Map\config.cpp' Class destroyed with lock count 1 I googled the error code and searched the forum and nothing fixed it. I only altered the parts of the config that the tutorial said to alter. Here is the Config https://pastebin.com/3djCKcHG