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  1. After hours of searching found nothing,i'v been playing and editing Arma since ofp 2001 and solved all of my problem by web content except this😢: I want to change(make realistic) get in animation for Js FA-18 and other plane in future. After setting config using fc-37 config and getin rtm file, and then aligned that rtm animations with fa-18 by moving skeleton in Oxygen 2,and then exported matrics to a new rtm, after launching the game the pilot animates in zero movement in x and y axis as if stuck in his place and just move up,it doesnt solve after set xstep and step in Named properties. also i found something else ,saw this problem after load exported rtm files in oxygen 2,i mean playnig animation, has no x-y movement and only up and down, Step I have done: 1.Set getin preise config like FC-37 in the config file. 2.open oxygen 2 skeleton p3d. 3.load fc-37 getin rtm file in Oxygen 2. 4. change position of skeleton to align f-18 cockpit. 5.export matrics. 6.The pilot only animate in up and down axis. 7.loaded exported file in step 5 in oxygen has this problem. and also playnig animation in game via switchmove has this problem unless run _this disableai "move" i mean disableai "move" free the character from pin. I dont know if this related to export matrics bug. or something tricky. Thanks Community in advance