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    Too many vertices

    I was thinking that too until I cut roughly half of it out and it still said it was exceeding.. The model has only 21,000. So it still would not show in bulldozer with roughly around 13k only. I even tried the smoothing technique I saw here on the forum, still nothing. Could you possibly add me and give me a call on skype? I would love to show you and you can help me figure it out. kmiles1990
  2. I don't and have never had any intention to release it. I have been looking forever for some kind of mod involving ww2 planes so I can fly around and this is the only pack for all the arma series other then Iron front which involves way more then what I want to do. I ported and installed and found myself sunk into the ground. I am not altering with the intention of claiming a build I am simply trying to fix an issue that stops the plane from functioning correctly do to the new classes implemented in arma 3 (I think), even though the pack was made for arma 2. I understand your concerns. But this is strictly for private use. ---------- Post added at 18:01 ---------- Previous post was at 17:32 ---------- So, ProfTournesol do you have any idea what is going on?
  3. Hello all, Alright so I have an issue. I ported the mod over but the wheels sink into the ground. I have read a ton on different things that cause this and my issue still stands. One of the things that I have found is most vehicle in the config.bin have a "DriveOnComponent class where it defines the wheels." This mod does not have that. So I added into the main config DriveOnComponent = "wheels" Obviously that did not work. So I learned that I need to figure the name of the geometry LODs for the wheels. Well, I tried to open it up in Oxygen and it says unable to load binarized version of the P3D. Does this mean I have no way to figure out what the wheels are called in the Geometry LOD? I know DriveOnComponent should have something like wheels1_1, wheels2_1 and so on but I dont know there names. So I looked at the main mod page again and the provider included a "serverkey" I believe thats what you need to unlock the P3D but I have no idea if so or how to unlock them with a serverkey or what the serverkey is for if not that. I know it is possible to port this mod and getting it working because there is one guy on youtube that did it and his wheels are not sinking. as you can see here. Below I have attached a picture of the error I received in oxygen and a picture of what the plane looks like sunk into the ground. http://imgur.com/a8ibfYH,agYvFId Thank you all for any help I receive. -Kevin
  4. No I do not. I am doing this strictly for myself to be able to fly the plane. The content is freeware and nowhere in any of the downloaded content does it say I am not allowed to port. Unless there is an agreement between the downloader and the publisher I don't have to ask permission. In his text document is only tells you how to install and gives credit. He also says its still in progress (years ago). Then there is a serverkey included. I hope I have answered your question with an intelligent response. If so, can we please move towards mine now?
  5. I was tryin to do the same thing lol