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  1. So, I bought the legit Iron front on steam. When I launch iron front sound works fine. I then made it into a mod for arma 3 following a tutorial. After that, I can play it in arma 3 fine but certain sounds dont work. Sounds that dont wok are.... Flak38 cannon sound. and the MK gun in the aircrafts.... I can hear the cannons in the aircrafts but not the MK gun... They fire just no sound. I checked the config and everything is going to the right directory... I dont understand why I cannot hear them.
  2. kmiles1990

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I was just wondering if anyone knows of working torpedos? I have been looking everywhere and cant find and good ones I can incorporate into my own planes... i.e mount it to the bottom and fire while flying... once it hits the ater it will take off in a straight line until contact.
  3. Hey everyone, I just got the iron front mod for arma 3 and the aircraft textures are horrible. When your in the cockpit its 100% blurry you cant make out any of the gauges at all. I run my settings on Ultra. Could anyone have a clue to why this is? From teh vids I watched of iron front its not supposed to be like this.
  4. Yes it is. ---------- Post added at 01:33 ---------- Previous post was at 01:31 ---------- I just read..... Iron front LITE. Low textures and sounds. Sorry, that sucks :(
  5. Does anyone know of a flak script that is not random? By that I mean when I aim down the crosshairs the script will go where I aim, not send a bunch of random flak all around my crosshairs. Is this even possible?
  6. How hard would it be to make a coast guard uniform for a pilot and also make a version of the diver uniform to look like a rescue swimmer? Would this involve modeling or just retexture?
  7. I dont get this? I get no flak any way I run it. So. I have 0 mods running just vanilla Arma 3. I put your mission in my folder. Loaded it up in the VR and got in the tigris. I get in the gunner spot and shoot any nothing is happening. ---------- Post added at 04:11 ---------- Previous post was at 04:08 ---------- My ammo stay full but no flak is showing up and the rounds have no effect on my teamates or vehicles o even the ground.
  8. So yea, I am very VERY new to the world of modeling and texturing. I watched some tutorials on how the unwrapped the UV and then exported the map to paint in photoshop and so on. I tried this and when I get the PNG the uv of the plane is there but there are also tons of other lines all around and over top of it. I dont understand why. Could someone please enlighten me. I've included the picture below http://imgur.com/GV7NT1A
  9. So I have 2 civs about 100 feet away from eachother. One is names man1, the other is man2. On man1s init I put this doMove (position man2); and it worked fine. Next I tried to pu it in a sqf file instead ... I have the sqf script on my scroll menu you I can scroll and click it. In the sqf I wrote man1 doMove (position man2); When I click it in my scroll wheel though. He does not move. Could anyone know why? I also tried man1 disableAI "ANIM"; man1 doMove (position man2); Still not working with that either
  10. Hello all, Sorry for being such a noob but i have watched tons of tutorials on texturing and its all fine and dandy but I dont understand how you bring the tga file into photoshop and automatically know which part goes where. I was trying to retexture a helicopter but when I bring in the .tga there is just a ton of flattened parts in one picture. It hard to understand where the color is going on the heli. Is there a much easier way to do this? If I just color over these parts in photoshop it always looks dull and not finished and like I stated I cant get lines correct and so fourth because of it being flat. Thanks, -Kevin
  11. Hey all, Not too sure which forum to post this in. I am having serious issues understanding how to texture aircrafts. I get the whole .paa converting to .tga and importing to PS. Problem is I cant tell which are which because the texture is so scrunched together. Is there a easier way to do this? Would it be possible to get someones skype to help me out? I promise I will be quick I just need to better understand this. Yes I have already watched a ton of tutorials and none of them explain how to tell the different parts. My skype is Kmiles1990 Thank you.
  12. kmiles1990

    Questions about texturing

    that video does help but its so different from what I want. For instance. If I wanted to just through one solid color over my whole image then yes it would be easy to retexture. But i am trying to make a pattern "Coast guard" on this chopper but the parts are so smashed I cant tell where to connect the lines to make it even. it just looks like jibberish in photoshop. Cause like one pattern might go from the front to the side but everytime I think Im right in photoshop I put it in game and its wayy off ---------- Post added at 18:44 ---------- Previous post was at 18:42 ---------- @EricJ Ahhhh Ok That makes sense. Im going to give it a go. Thanks for the help.
  13. kmiles1990

    Questions about texturing

    @Eric, So basically what your saying is go through and paint one part green other red and so fourth until I can figure out which part is which? How do you send those parts originally to the .paa file. For instance if I have the model. Im using a sample here. Could just take one wing and send it flat to a .paa and send each part to its own .paa from in object builder and I can name it left_wing.paa so I know its just one part on that image or does it have to be 20 parts in one file?
  14. kmiles1990

    Questions about texturing

    @simon, I have not gotten the right answer. He sent me some links to some templates. while I am appreciating that. I still do not understand the process. How does the model know that one flattened part on a image of 20 parts is supposed to go to that specific part. So confusing.
  15. kmiles1990

    Questions about texturing

    top notch help sir.
  16. kmiles1990

    So lost with texturing.

    do you have skype? Im just still so lost man
  17. How can I have a random Ai ship appear with more AI swimming around it. When it appears I want some strings to activate telling me there grid. Im very new in mission scripting im sorry.
  18. resolved... victim moveincargo heli; in SP translates too victim action ["GetInCargo", heli]; in MP Reading really does help :)
  19. Solved on another post, Please delete
  20. How can I remove where it shows players on the map? I mean like I am setting up a navigation course where they have to use bearing and relative objects to figure out where they are but if they open the map it just shows there exact position lol.... Also, How can I set enemy AI in random spots without them showing on the map either? Thanks everyone.
  21. kmiles1990

    Taking GPS off

    thats it?
  22. kmiles1990

    Too many vertices

    Hello all, First off, I am new to the world of modeling for Arma 3. So I downloaded a free airplane model for 3ds just to sort of get my feet wet in how to get it to work in arma. I exported it then imported it into 02. I tried to view in bulldozer and got the error to many vertices. So i read some post about taking a none animated section naming it and creating a proxy. So I took the fuselage which is the majority of the plane and sent it to proxy. I then selected to create proxy and pointed to the fuselage. Now when I load it up instead of saying error my main file contains to many vertices.... It says error the proxy I created contains to many vertices. What steps should I take on how to fix this? I really just want to see myself get this model working in game before I set on the adventure of creating my own models. Just so I know I can make it work before I put tons of hours into design. Thanks for any help guys. ---------- Post added at 17:37 ---------- Previous post was at 17:04 ---------- If someone can just add me on skype, That would be awesome. I have so many question on not only the vertices but the correct format to program it. Skype is Kmiles1990