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  1. Ok thanks. My name on Steam is "Jerry Drake". I'm the one from Gothenburg, Sweden. Inviato dal mio SM-G900F utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. May I ask you to be included in the group? I'm quite new with Arma 3 coding but I've had my share of coding in past and I'm quite interested in modifying WLA... Inviato dal mio SM-G900F utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. I've tested my code change for several hours and hundreds of paradropped units now. It definitely works now. Never saw them falling to ground again. I'm available should someone have my very same problem... Cheers, JD
  4. I've checked with vanilla arma and it happens also in this configuration. It seems more a problem of scripts timing. If I swap some instructions in the code it does not give any problem... It seems that one instruction that moves down the unit after having given a parachute to him detaches the parachute. If I move this instruction before having given the parachute to the unit the problem is no more present... Strange thing. Cheers, JD
  5. Thanks FR, I've tried only with RHS. I will try vanilla Arma3 and let you know. Cheers, JD
  6. Hello to everybody, First: thanks to SaOk for this wonderful mission. I have two problems with WLA that I was not able to solve googling... I list them here hoping someone can answer... 1) when I buy teammates they paradrop near me and immediately after they cut their parachute and fall to the ground. Seems a problem in the code for spamming them. Made a change to it for test purpose and now it works well. I would like to know if somebody else has this problem or is a problem generated by my configuration. 2) when I click on the map (any point) it starts the platoon control and map tools from ace are not working anymore. This happens even outside of high command mode (ctrl+space). Is there a way to deselect units or disable platoon control? Thanks for any help you would give, bye, JD
  7. Whole Lotta Artist! Your work is really wonderful. I've played some hours in SP on Altis an Takistan and I really enjoyed them. Thank you. My only problem of that the paradropped teammates continue to fall down to earth without their parachute... A bit annoying... Is it only my problem? I've tried disabling all other mods but the problem remains... For what concerns your decision to leave Arma, I respect it but I kindly ask you to not let your project die for the stupidity of few morons... What could have happened, should Colombo have renounced to its plan to travel to China going west? Please, continue it, or pass it to another modder you trust... Cheers, JD Inviato dal mio SM-G900F utilizzando Tapatalk