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  1. After testing 1.56 tonight I don't find any errors with MCC. So pleas inlight me if you do.

    Hi! Please, try to put MCC modules in 3D editor, then change some parameters of module (for example Civilian Module or MCC Mechanics) and save it. And then open parameters again. All will be again by default.


    Please don't say to use only 2D editor for such things, because very soon Arma 3 will be without 2D editor...

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  2. Hi to all!


    Really after 1.56 updating and a great Eden editor we have now a lot of problems with my favorite mod MCC ver.18. Many modules of MCC now are working incorrectly and parameters of its don't save after changing in editor. Also convoy can't be placed now. And not only these problems... I hope new MCC ver.19 will work with Eden perfectly as in the past with old versions of Arma 3.

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  3. Lada Niva yes - since it can be textured as both civilian and military (CDF, ChDKZ, NAPA, Taki and ins)


    The other ones (IMO) are not as versitile for ArmA enviroment but would make for a nice authentic "clutter"

    Guys, if you need Lada Niva textures please tell me, because i have my own Niva  (left on the pic) and have a good professional camera with a good lens 7458ecf6b5d7t.jpg