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  1. You are testing the demo mission in Single Player Editor? Here no loot will actually spawn. I have tested it.

    I have no idea why this is so. :unsure:

    Try it in Muptiplayer editor. Here it works.

    To should be found in every house Loot the parameter 'Her_L_LootPresence' are set to 100 percent. (File: Her_Survive_Loot.sqf)

    Thanks a lot, heros!  :) 

  2. You can get an older version on github, see first post.

    Thank you, R3vo! I just checked version on Github and downloaded it but can not find Addons folder there. So i will be waiting patiently for your new updated version of 3den Enhanced without this error with player. I don't want to disturb you.

  3. Works fine on my end, just tested.


    Can anyone else confirm the issue or give me exact steps to reproduce?

    I confirm this error. It happens only at all old missions created earlier than a new version of 3den Enhanced.  :( The main player only stands and looks from side to side with no reaction on pressing any keys. New created missions are working well. I mean all my previous missions in editor are broken now... 


    Maybe you have a previous version of 3den Enhanced, because i have deleted my old version? 

  4. Realthing,


    In the meantime, to make it work like before, add this to all playable unit's init lines, depending on what side they should have control over (West, East or Guer). I'll update the module so that it's not required to place the groups module. If no groups module is placed, the commanders will get control of all groups on their side.

    ["ALL_WEST",true] call AIC_fnc_showCommandControl;
     --- or ---
    ["ALL_EAST",true] call AIC_fnc_showCommandControl;
    --- or --- 
    ["ALL_GUER",true] call AIC_fnc_showCommandControl;
    Or, if you want something really neat, you can make an object that gives you command when you pick up the object. Instead of what I wrote above, try this:
    Try adding this to your init.sqf file, and place a marker called "command_radio_marker" near the playable units:
    [markerPos "command_radio_marker", [[1,"Take Command","FUNC_takeHC",true,true,false],[2,"Release Command","FUNC_releaseHC",true,false,true]], false, 1] call AIC_fnc_createCommandRadio;
    FUNC_takeHC = {
         ["ALL_WEST",true] remoteExec ["AIC_fnc_showCommandControl", _this select 0]; 
    FUNC_releaseHC = {
         ["ALL_WEST",false] remoteExec ["AIC_fnc_showCommandControl", _this select 0]; 

    Once you start the mission, you should see an object on the ground at the marker's position. Walk over to it and pick it up via the action menu. Once you've picked it up, you should see the command controls on the map. You can transfer ownership by dropping and having someone else pick up the object.

    Thank you, mate! This is great option! Well done!

  5. I suppose there will always be a conflict between flexibility vs ease of use. Not quite sure how it would work but perhaps there's a way to have it so when the module is present, it works as it does at present, and without, it works as it did before? I definitely prefer the module version but I have a different set of criteria for my missions than others will! 

    Yes, i agree with you. Maybe better with module but without a lot of syncronizations only module placing. Because it is so very nice to have a possibility  in Single Player when any member of any group could take over command. I think it would be perfect!

  6. Ok, I've got this working with the editor modules now - published on steam and github (v0.4) 




    In the example above, two playable units on each side have been setup as commanders. Both units on the same side will see the same command map (and can see each other's changes). Each commander will be in control of two AI groups. Make sure all modules and units are synchronized together. Only one unit from each AI group needs to be synchronized to the Advanced AI Command - Groups module. 

    Is this converting to module-based really better? In my opinion previous version without syncronizing a lot of groups with a lot of commanders worked easier or even any member of any group could take over command. And now it's more complicate and need much more time to start playing big missions. What do you think?


    I have deleted previous version and now very sorry about that. :( Maybe you have this last version before module-based release or wher i can download older version? Thanks!

  7. Hi, realthing!


    If you already had a init.sqf into your mission folder you will need to copy the content of init.sqf of aegis_surrender and paste into the init.sqf of your mission. If your mission doesn't have a init.sqf you will need to extract its contents into your mission root directory. But remember, you must approach to enemy in stealth mode. To test if the script is working properly you can enable the debug mode on START block of aegis_surrender.fsm file.

    Thank you, Collumbus!

    I think i understood.  :)


    Best regards,


  8. Hi, Haleks!

    Thanks for the great mod! I only wanted to ask you - is it possible to play your mod with 1-3 of my friends as one team on LAN multiplayer? Thanks!


    p.s. Sorry, i have read only now your post about multiplayer for the next update. I will be waiting for this!  :)

  9. Hi, Collumbus!


    I have extracted its content into my sp mission root directory and started the game. But nothing happened. Enemy units are killing me every time when i standing close behind of their back... What i have to do? I have CBA and ACE3. Maybe i need to do something with init line also? Thanks