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  1. I'm more or less saying that it's not as realistic as the original Pelican. The Gatling guns would be horribly inaccurate, the turrets at the rear would be extremely worthless, and would stop it from entering/leaving atmosphere. The original design was much, much more believable. This goes for almost every Bungie design vs 343's. Also, there's no actual Spartan Laser shown on the D79. No exposed barrel, nothing. Makes me question if it was intended to be there and wasn't modeled and then the function wasn't removed due to it not being player controlled.
  2. Alright, you got me there. Either way, it's still illogical. Pilot/Co-pilot would have to get out through the cockpit hatches in order to get to the back. It still doesn't make sense compared to the original design.
  3. That was more than likely done for cinematic purposes, there is still no door leading to the cargo compartment. There's supporting evidence, right here. No way for the copilot/pilot to stand up and move around. No way for anyone to get in either. That was 343 contradicting itself for cinematic purposes.
  4. I agree, I have no intentions to continue this petty debate/argument on this thread after my last statement. I will continue to add my input to aid this mod, as should everyone.
  5. Rude, I was not. Lovingly sarcastic, I was. Thank you for defending me. Way to tell me things I already acknowledged in my post, bud. You don't have to inform everyone that you were a combat veteran, it's irrelevant. Doesn't give you any leverage. Doesn't give me a reason to respect you. That will be judged based on character, and from your previous posts, if anyone is rude- it's you. Your post doesn't go into depth with the origins of the camouflage, you simply posted a bunch of Imgur links with screenshots of the variations without even using the "Insert Image" feature. Useful? Yes. Annoying and lazy? Yes. I went far more into depth with this than you did, with the exception of every color variation since they aren't as important as the base camo. They can always come later. Primary camo comes first, obviously. I have not seen a single mention of the radio packs, nor the SMG's suppressor being horribly inaccurate. So, rather than PMS'ing at me, and started a flame war, why don't you simply acknowledge my points? It is fact that Bungie was far better with Halo than 343 is. Almost none of the design changes that occur in 343's games make sense. The cockpit on the Pelican is a massive, illogical downgrade from the original design, which actually made sense for an aircraft capable of space flight and atmospheric flight. Bungie was far, far more realistic with their games that 343 was, as well. Reach stands as a testament for the Halo series, showing a grittier reality of the war. I did not disrespect, nor was I rude to, the devs. I even praised them. Again, quit using your military service as an excuse to act like you know EVERYTHING about FUTURISTIC FICTIONAL TECHNOLOGY. There is also no proof supporting your claim that the older pelicans can carry more than the newer, 343 designed ones. Actually, the D79H-TC carries 15-20 troops while the D77H-TCI carries 10-15 and so does the D77-TC. It would be extremely illogical for it to be underperforming compared to its predecessors, and if it is- that's further evidence that 343's logic should not be applied at all. The Pelican has been portrayed as a gunship since Halo 3, and Reach confirms it being used as a gunship before the events of Halo 1, 2 & 3. So please, tell me how I'm wrong when YOU are wrong yourself. The D79H-Tc has no logic in its design. Two short barreled Gatling guns? Useless in reality. They would be so inaccurate, future tech or not, these are basic firearm principles. The fixed pylons? They would drastically decrease maneuverability and increase drag just by their design. The AV8 esque VTOL thrusters? Lol, please. Those wouldn't be powerful enough to lift it, and they'd be so unstable due to the lack of the an anhedral design, one of the most important features of the AV8's design. Without it, the plane wouldn't be stable at all. The original Pelican design was logical, the belly creating additional lift, with multiple thrusters on the wing mounted engines providing balance. Not only that, but the crew compartment redesign with the D79H-TC IS ILLOGICAL AS HECK. They literally took away one of the Pelicans most important features for space travel, the connection between cargo and pilot compartment. How do you propose pilots would get to the back and commanders would get to the front, without putting on a space suit and traveling out to the front? Don't argue with me. I wasn't attacking nor arguing with anyone prior to this. I wasn't demanding anything. You can call me rude but all you have done is instigate.
  6. Of course, I know this. But they have said multiple times they are trying to be canon, and if that is true, they need to ditch the DPM and etc.
  7. Alright, this is frustrating me beyond belief. One, night vision devices. Halo does not go into depth with night vision devices, at all. They are present on the scopes of rifles and in the helmets only. Obviously this isn't the only way they would exist in a realistic Halo universe, but the Marines/Army helmets NEED, and I mean NEED a heads up display eye piece. That is how their NV functions! It is very obvious! The Marines in Halo: CE even had green heads up display screens on their eye pieces. The display eye piece is also present in Reach, confirming its place as canon. Second, the radio packs! There are at least 5 backpack/ruck variants that I know of in the Halo universe, and only two radio packs. The radio pack in the mods are very strange, first from all the images I've seen, they appear to be (in the games, will reference Reach) gray or dark tan, not bright green (which doesn't really match any uniform outside of the ugly Army woodland, which has another inaccuracy, British DPM, will attack that violently later, with love of course) It also seems to look very different, here's a reference, Third, camouflage. I understand 100% that this has been stated before, mostly with references to the ingame portrayal. The UNSC is largely, if not wholly, based on the United States Armed Forces. DPM is a British camouflage, and I realize that you have artistic license, but it really kills the look of the soldiers. If anything, if you refuse to use the Halo 2-Reach patterns, at least use different variants of U.S. camo. The camo used in game is obviously based on the U.S. M81 Woodland camo pattern, with dual colors instead of quad-color. Halo 3's camo pattern is still based on the Swedish M90 camo pattern, again, this time dual colors instead of *drum roll* quad-color. The digital patterns in Reach make far more sense (With the exception of some Army units using a recolored version of the Halo 2 pattern, the colors mirroring UCP), since digi-camo is considered superior to other patterns in specific environments (i.e.; AOR 1, MARPAT, SURPAT) but please, ditch the hideous DPM. Another thing is color matching, the Army troops (1st Cav) in Reach don't have the same color helmets as you show them having in your mod. Their helmets are a lighter color tan than their body armor is, and their body armor itself is a closer match, in color, to your Marines armor in the mod. These are all small things, and I am very happy with the mod, but these small inaccuracies really throw it off course. Here's, what I consider to be, a big thing. The SRS 99DS-2! It has a MAJOR flaw in your mod. You made the recoil system into a "laser module"! This is horribly wrong. If you want to add a laser module, make it an add-on to the scope. If I were you, I'd throw everything 343 related OUT the window. 343 is ruining the Halo series, after all, look what they did to the gorgeous Pelican, they made it look like a Hind! Bungie canon is the most consistent and believable. What I would love to see is a fix to the SMG. In Halo ODST, the first time it is shown (3D) with a suppressor, it is not perfectly spherical. As you can see, it starts off octagonal, and then goes round after a few heat-shield (the vents), which is most likely there to cool the suppressor more efficiently, given the SMG's high rate of fire. Hope this helps. Lots of love for this mod. It's a dream come true.