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    NIArms Release Thread

    Hello just a small question. what do you have planned next and have you ever considered creating the M40A5 sniper rifle?
  2. Hello i have search the mod itself, the armaholic page and this forum and i can find a download as the problem i have is that the in cockpit map screen is just black and there is no map. Can anyone help me? P.S. If there is a link or a solution to this problem I am sorry i may just have been blind on that page.
  3. Is there any news on this amazing mod or the update?
  4. Tulip32

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Sorry that's my bad Lifetap it was another mod. The error just popped up when I activated your mod. yeah sorry. Good mod anyway.
  5. Tulip32

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hey Guys nice mod great tribute to the UK's Armed forces However when I installed your equipment mod and had it running just by itself an error pops up saying 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.caf_ag_faction_me' and I believe it is to do with CAF Aggressors and I was just wanting to let you know.
  6. I just want to say great mod and I am excited for the upcoming up. Plus I was wondering If Tripwire IED's have entered yours mind or if they are being thought of?
  7. Hello I have it working now. it turns out it will only work with CBA v1.09 rather than CBA v1.1.20, However I still can't mangae to get task force working along with the Eods mod itself. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions. still an Awesome mod thou.
  8. Thanks for the response and myself and the other people in my unit are using the latest update of Eods and CBA however we are using the 0.9.7 version of TFAR plus CSE.
  9. Hello I have been have an issue with the Eods mod as, when I get the mod working Task force radio(TFR) does not work, however when i get TFR working the Eods mod does not work. The mod just doesn't want to bring up the controls in configure addons. Does anyone have any solutions. Also this is a great mod yous guys have here, keep up the good work.