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  1. Hey all, Making a mission which involves having a group of tanks and infantry to move into a town at the request of the support module. But soon after trying to add a "ground forces" (at least that was the module I was hoping for), I realized it didn't exist and looked into making my own custom support. After adding in all the scripts, unfortunately, the module "support provider" didn't have a custom option in the list of different supports. How do get around this? Original post: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/148498-support-showcase-how-to-add-custom-support-requests/?p=2968856 Thanks in advance, TomusGilbert :D
  2. Hey all, I (TomusGilbert), am trying to develop some Missions in Arma 3 and I'm using multiple tasks. But when I complete a task and a new one is assigned, the Task notifications pop-up in the wrong order (the "New task assigned" pops up before the the previous completed task pops up as "Task completed"). I have look all over, some people are saying stuff about placing triggers on top of each other and using delays, but nothing like that is working for me. Any Ideas?? :confused: Thanks in Advance, TomusGilbert
  3. Hey guys! I've got a couple of questions I've been stuck on for a while in my mission making: 1. I want to be able to set a task for the player to enter a vehicle; 2. I also want to have a task set for the player to pick up an item/weapon including a UAV Darter; 3. Is it possible for those tasks to be synced with a custom way point? Thanks in advance, TomusGilbert :cool:
  4. Hey @kylania , With this setup, in the game you need the 2 modules: 'support provider' and 'support requester', I did as you said but realised there was no option for "bravo team" in the list of support providers. What do I use instead?? Thanks
  5. Hey Guys! Problem fixed! It seems you can't do anything but wait for the next update.. Enjoying being able to play this mission again! :D Thanks again to all
  6. I have the same problems! I can't join Invade and Annex servers specifically (I can join other servers like KOTH) When it sends you back to the list, does the backround veiw of the map go pale for a few seconds until going back to normal (or even still a little pale)? I absolutely love the gamemode, and I'm really wanting to get back on asap.. Would it be wise to wait til' the next update? Thanks and good to see I'm not alone in this weird glitch! :lol: Edit: Also, I hadn't played in a while so the problem would've probably occurred about the same time as when it happened to you all..
  7. Hey guys! I've been making some new missions that involve playing at night/dusk and I've stumbled across a problem where I don't actually know how to turn AI vehicle light/collision lights on. The Super Hornet mod allows you to setup all the features within a single module - does the vanilla version of the game allow you to do that with their vehicles? :wacko: Thanks in advance, TomusGilbert
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    Custom Vehicle Setup?

    Thanks! :lol: Edit: Unfortunately with collision lights and lights, it relys on behavior with AI (they're spawned in the vehicles in flying mode) if the vehicle isn't empty and i can't get behavior to work either.. is there a way of getting around this?
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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Thanks @Jezuro I'll see if I can make my way around it! TomusGilbert
  10. @TeTeT Hey again, I was wondering if there was a script for the catapult and arrester cable systems. I want to create tasks for the player to use the catapult and also want AI to have the ability to use the catapult and arrester cables. Also, will the addon automatically update or do I have to re-install it? Thanks in advance, TomusGilbert
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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @Jezuro Hey Man, I'm doing mission making and and noticed the disappearance of the skirmish modules. I really needed the Dynamic Spawn Module, is there any way I could use this in a different module/script? Thanks in advance, TomusGilbert
  12. Okay thanks man. Will do!
  13. @Larrow Thanks so much mate! Very helpful! Also thanks to the other guys who helped and the quick responses! TomusGilbert
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    Not work the task in multiplayer

    He means you need to explain you questions in further detail.
  15. Hey @M4RT14L I'm confused, the description.ext file isn't located in my mission folder (Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\TomusGilbert\missions\[MP] Carrier Operations.Altis). Is it located somewhere else or do i have to create a new file (I use Notepad++) Thanks again
  16. @R3vo I'm a little confused. The init file is not in the mission file. Do I have to add one? If so what do I write? :confused:
  17. @M4RT14L Thanks so much, I'll report back when I can try this.. Thanks, TomusGilbert
  18. @R3vo Thankyou very much this has helped a lot! I got confused, disregard it :p If you don't mind me asking, I was watching an editing mission video by TheSwissMAVERICK ( ) and he has a bunch of playable units in his mission that don't spawn until he actually plays as them. Would you have any idea unto how he would have done that?Thanks again! TomusGilbert
  19. Thank you so much TeTeT! The arming system is fully functioning and much appreciated for the quick reply! This mod is a must for Arma 3! Thanks, can't say it enough! :cool:
  20. Hi TeTeT, I've got two questions for you... 1. The Arming for the F/A-18 Super Hornet isn't working for me. Either I place down a Super Hornet onto the deck and arm it like normal, but i can't use the catapult system OR I use the the module version of the SuperHornet in the Nimitz Modules and I can't arm it properly (it only has 'MASTER ARM - SAFE and Flares). I've looked all over and there's nothing really on it. :confused: 2. What happened to the actions and effects like the screen blurring at takeoff, Catapult smoke getting blown away when the Jet takes off, and the Maritime units performing their actions/signals for the salute (I dont know if this one is a separate problem from the other two). Is it a Nimitz module I haven't synced into the Nimitz itself or a separate Addon i need? :confused: Thanks so much mate! ;) P.S will there be an update for tractors in A3? :cool: