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  2. danny78

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    So, I have started getting the ACRE2 message as follows: "ACRE has determined that players in this mission have an inventory that has desynchronized from the server, this is due to a bug in the mission or a bug in Arma 3, NOT ACRE. This message will not dissappear and is a warning that ACRE may no longer be functioning correctly in this mission. The players experiencing the bug are listed below" Now, I have heard that this is either a bug with Arma or because of the mission being made incorrectly. However, I have not found any potential fixes or how to set missions up properly to avoid this problem. Apparently, it is due to loading inventory through means like VAS and Arsenal. Does anyone have a fix for this? We are really wanting to use ACRE2 but it is being incredibly fiddly so far. Thanks!