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  1. Im creating a mission at the moment and I have been browsing for about a hour on how I could add the action. I found a lot of info on how to add an Ace interaction action to player classes etc. but nothing to do with implementation of defusing something or what and where everything should be organised ie. Do I need to use a Description.ext + init.sqf before another .sqf file for the add action or do I just roll with putting the code into the mission init field for the editor. Anyways any help is greatly appreciated as it would add a great deal of immersion to the mission thanks :)
  2. Can anyone help me with this?
  3. I am having a problem with my server, I rent through Wombat Servers their Brisbane server in Australia. I encountered this problem after I tried to run Exile on the server, after reinstalling the server and deciding not to run exile because of this problem I looked to play only co-op modded mission yet the error still occurred, I reinstalled the server again and have just started it completely vanilla and the same error is there. The error is 18:21:58 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.a3_characters_f. I have looked around for the past couple of months and havent found a fix, for some reason when this error is the problem the script files for the mission I am using do not execute, I even re downloaded the newest up to date version of the mission not to long after this started occurring and it still doesn't work, I read a few forum posts on the Exile forums about this and a couple on other websites but there where no fixes that worked for me. This is my full .rpt file.
  4. So I just double checked with the new server, the problem was in fact that the files sizes where completely different, the file size now on the server is the same as the one on my client. So you can either take the time to replace the files with what you have or request a new server.
  5. Yeah I had to end up asking the server support to give me a new server IP and thats what fixed it for me, if you are renting a server like I am, I would recommend just asking for a new server IP thats the only thing I found to fix it, I do believe that what caused my problem was Installing Exile onto the server. Its the only fix I could find unfortunately.
  6. So I the server support hasn't helped much with the issue and I found that the files on the server are smaller than the client arma 3 is that meant to be? because it is a big difference characters_f.pbo in my arma 3 directory is 562M bytes and the one on the server is only 43M bytes. Any ideas?
  7. It didn't work I was sure it would've this is the .rpt file from today
  8. Okay I will try that thanks
  9. Well I checked the addons folder of both My arma directory and the servers and both of them do not have a3_characters_f, they only have characters_f, I am guessing arma changed the file name and removed the a3, would adding the a3 to the front of the files work perhaps?
  10. Alright I will try that thanks.
  11. mason1996

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hey Vdauphin I am having an issue on my server with the mission, the map doesn't show any info about cache or hideout locations when found and the map is full of just red circles. Any thoughts on how I can fix this? Edit: Nevermind it just fixed itself I suppose?
  12. hey guys, so im making a mission at the moment where we have to infiltrate a Submarine base and disarm Nukes, I wanted to use the Device Assembled set it as a bomb or doesnt even have to be a bomb but then have it be able to disarm the Nukes and then once it is disarmed it changes to the Device Disassembled. Any thoughts? cheers!
  13. This worked perfectly thanks for all of the helps guys!
  14. Cheers guys ill give this a go make sure its not shifting under the map
  15. So I tried it out and because of the map im on its fallen through the ground. How would I use this in the script? like just after Deletevehicle nuke1?
  16. Ill give this a shot right now and see if it moves much cheers to the both of you
  17. So basically ive made this mission in the Eden Editor, been doing it for the last 3 hours finally finished went to check if it works by loading it onto LAN and it loads to the lobby, I select my character and it takes me to the Brief screen or the Map screen I click continue and then im stuck on the loading screen except I can ; shoot, move, reload, switch firing mode, do everything and anything, except the loading screen is just stuck there and I have no clue why. Anyone have a solution for this? Cheers Mason edit: it also comes up with this error code No entry \bin/config.bin/CfgVehicles/Helicopter_Base_H/Turrets/NewTurret.maxHorizontalRotSpeed' Im using these set of mods USP Patches & Insignias CBA ACE ASDG_JR Blastcore A3 & Tracers MELB EricJ UH60 Pack A3 Hidden Identity v2 JSRS 3 Kunduz, Afghanistan Konyo's MH47 Robert Hammers Accessories RHS: USAF & AFRF Show RHS SF AR15 Shack Tac HUD A3 Task Force Radio 0.9.8 GPNVG-18 RHARD Mk18 Mod 1 ACE GEN4 GPNVG 18 JTF16 Radio Tape edit #2: I just tested it without mods and it exported fine I think its either RHS, EricJ Pack or the MH47E edit #3 I found out the Konyo's MH47E Chinook is the mod that is creating the error No entry \bin/config.bin/CfgVehicles/Helicopter_Base_H/Turrets/NewTurret.maxHorizontalRotSpeed' but it is still not loading in my character properly edit #4 I have found that coding/scripting from the 2D editor does not work in the 3D editor and will muck it up when loading in, I took out all of the scripts only the mission.sqm & mission.sqm.oldbackup was left and it worked fine
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Alright i will try this out and see if it works. Thanks for the reply.
  19. mason1996

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey didn't know where else to post this, but I am having trouble with the C-5 Galaxy and loading tanks. Is there a certain script or module/setting I'm missing because I tried loading 4 Abrams from RHS into the back but when I turned on the engine and went about 5 feet they fell out of the bottom. I saw a YT video where a guy loaded in Vanilla tanks and was able to drop them with parachutes but like I said I didn't know if there was a certain set of scripts that needed to be added. Thanks for any replies
  20. Is it alright to post bug reports in here or do you guys have a feedback tracker?
  21. mason1996

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hi im experiencing some bugs with ACRE 2. I myself isn't experiencing them but 3 out of the 7 people in my group are, basically they are getting Crash Errors and aren't being able to hear everyones voices and on of the members is experiencing the crash error which then results to CTD. Anyone have any solutions? we are running TS on 3.0.18.
  22. So I have a mission and I've got 3 supports all working fine. I wanted to make them have custom side chat and maybe voice dialog for example instead of the vanilla dialog I wanted something along the lines in the side chat and voice comms Spartan 01: Dragon 2-4, this is Spartan 01 message over. Dragon 2-4: Spartan 01, this is Dragon 2-4 send it. Spartan 01: Dragon 2-4, We need immediate CAS, grid coordinates "What ever the COORDs are", use 1x GBU-12 on laser how copy? Dragon 2-4: Spartan 01 good copy, 1x GBU-12 on laser, grid coords "XXXXX" inbound ETA 15 seconds over Spartan 01: Dragon 2-4 Good copy. Dragon 2-4: Bombs Away. ETA 5 seconds over Dragon 2-4: Splash, Dragon is RTB at this time And then have it change coords on selection and dialog when selecting between, Mk82 and GBU-12 does anyone know how to make it coincide with the support modules or would I need to do a script for it? I don't have to make a voice dialog but it would just add to the immersion effect of our mission. I did try and google search and forum search for this but I couldn't find anything along the lines I wanted.
  23. Squad name: Task Force Akula [TFA] Timezone/location: GMT +10 [Australia] Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Realism/Tactical COOP (Sometimes PVP) Contact email: TF-Akula_Recruitment@hotmail.com Website address: https://units.arma3.com/unit/tf-akula Short description: Task Force Akula is a group made up of friends that play seriously and regularly, we know how to have a joke and muck around. Times with us can be as serious as they are funny, if you would like to join us we are a Australian Tactical Arma Group. Language: English
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    EDEN - Questions

    noted its been fixed now