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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Oh wow thanks a lot I can't wait to check these out!
  2. mason1996

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    So pretty simple addon request I know there are a quite of few mods that have it but the singular packs aren't very high quality no offence to the content creators. I wanted to see a highly textured Scar mod Mk17 and Mk16s would be great! I know there is ports for it from arma but like I said they aren't very high quality. I would also love to see some Suppressor cover too. Heres some photos. It would be nice to see some high quality Scars in Arma if anyone is up to it that would be awesome as well as Suppressor covers too
  3. mason1996

    EDEN - Questions

    Im just wondering does the Eden Editor read mission code? like .sqf,.hpp etc.? My mission doesn't work in MP with code but once I remove said code it works again, this is a massive issue.
  4. its the same here, I spent 4+ hours editing a mission in the Eden editor and then another 3+ hours trying to fix it
  5. Yeah its the same with me, I only had one error with the mod, but other than that all other mods work fine but once I added scripts that where used in the 2D editor it chucked a hissy fit and wouldn't load my player into the mission and would only display the loading screen even though I could fire my weapon reload move around etc. Im about to rewrite all the scripts to see if it will pick it up as new and see if that works ill keep this thread posted because this is a major issue for mission creators especially since they are disbanding the 2D editor in the Apex Update
  6. mason1996

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I read the description of Addons & Mods: Discussion and it says in quote "This forum is for discussing addons or mods that are currently work in progress, as well as for discussing ideas or requests for addons." this is a discussion and a request for a mod, I would believe it belongs here?
  7. mason1996

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I know right? I want it so bad me and my mates play a lot of ACE Missions and I just want this so bad especially with the Mandalorion patch on the chest piece, it would be so awesome
  8. mason1996

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    So I found these awesome Mandalorion ballistic armor and helmet called GalacTac helmets & armor and they look absolutely awesome and badass. I was wondering if anyone thinks they would be able to make this into arma 3, I know it would be difficult but if you can you should give it a try as a big starwas fan myself this would be f*cking awesome in game. Website: http://www.galac-tac.com/home.html Here are some images So yeah if you like the look of these they would be absolutely amazing in Arma 3, I couldn't find any photos from behind, if I ever get my hands on these which could be soon depending on if they ship to AU, ill take pictures from behind. Cheers for any replies!