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  1. Thank you, both of you. I was beating my head in trying to figure this out. I'm relatively new to this. Glad it was possible :)
  2. In our unit, we have a bunch of new recruits that we want to solely run prescribed load outs, which I have figured out and done. Now, we want people that have successfully accomplished a certain training to have full access to an arsenal box. I understand the white-listing process for objects within an arsenal, but I was wondering if perhaps there was a way to write in a way that only certain players, or slots even, could run a virtual arsenal when looking at a box in the similar fashion as the usual scroll and click for a universal access arsenal that you can put onto a box. My question is, whether by variable name of a unit/slot or by a list of whitelisted PIDs, can the VA system be limited to certain members on a server while others are forced to use the load-outs I have already scripted into the mission?