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  1. Hi /r/findaunit my name is Scotty and I represent The Pathfinders Gaming Unit - a realistic special operatives unit operating in the EU. We are currently recruiting dedicated members who share our mindset to join our unit. Primary information Website: http://thepathfindersgu.enjin.com/home Session times: Saturday @ 1900 GMT. Other sessions and meetings may be scheduled throughout the week but they do not count towards our attendance requirement, although you will look a lot better in the eyes of the community if you can attend these. Primary mods: RHS Escalation, TFAR and ACE3. Who are The Pathfinders? We are an Arma 3 community who strive to be as realistic as possible during our operations. We train hard so we can fight easy. We specialise in reconnaissance; operating behind enemy lines, gathering intelligence and then carrying out surgical strikes with unmatched aggression. We currently have 2 assault squads, a reconnaissance squad, and a rotary wing squad. We also have a small command element. See below for details of open positions. Currently we are hovering at around 10-15 committed members and we want to cap at around 25 full time and dedicated recruits. We use real life tactics and a combined arms structure to complete our missions. We use a deployment rota to change between campaign style deployments and FTX training sessions, so there is more time on the field that there is on a firing range. The only training you will be required to do is your familiarisation/basic, and any specialised training you would like to do to get used to our SOPs. Who are we looking for? We want dedicated members that share a milsim attitude (apart from rank systems and authority systems) and gel with our current member base. Our current joining requirements are as follows: 18 years of age English speaking Own a microphone and TeamSpeak 3 Willing to download our modpack (available on request) Meet our 50% minimum attendance requirement Agree to the terms on our [charter](http://thepathfindersgu.enjin.com/charter) If you meet all of these, then you can put in an application (link below), and after we have determined you may be a good fit for us, you will receive a short interview to iron out the details and either accept or reject you. Our available squad positions Reconnaissance - JTAC (controlling air support); Sniper, and Medic Assault - AA Rifleman If you want to join a special operatives unit specialising in covert operations and surgical precision, then The Pathfinders is definitely for you. **Contact Us** http://thepathfindersgu.enjin.com/home Application Link: http://thepathfindersgu.enjin.com/recruitment Feel free to add me on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/debrief) to talk things over, or to get our TeamSpeak information to join for a bit of a chat and see if we are right for you. Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you out on the field.
  2. debrief

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    It does not happen when removing and then adding a uniform, it happens when i add any gear through VAS or BIS arsenal, it also happens when I load any of my present loadouts from Virtual ammo box or arsenal.
  3. Squad name:- The Pathfinders Timezone/location : GMT Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: debriefyt@gmail.com Website address: http://thepathfindersgu.enjin.com/home Short description: Milsim focused unit looking for members to grow and improve our community and missions Language: English
  4. I think it's a great way for us to show support without shoveling out useless DLCs. This update was major, and consumer free will showed that Bohemia really brought something out that shows they care about us and the game.