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    An Assault Team from Alpha Platoon, Troop 4, SEAL Team 3 conducts an Air Vehicle Interdiction (AVI) outside Al Rahmah, Diyala Province, Iraq during Operation Red Scorpion. Circa 2016

    Mods used: Road Runners LBT 6094s, Spec4 Crye G3 AOR1 / GP-NVG-18s, RHS USAF (OpsCore) / MELB AH-6L / MH-6M, CUP Volha & Leights OPFOR ISIS Faction, SMA Weapons, Zabb TAC vests (Buttpack), Direone static animations & Diyala, Iraq + Required addons.

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  2. Coming from just a bystander on the forums, ya'll having this extremely childish and immature fight on your thread looks awful for both sides of the table. On a different note, has there been anymore info on the C-2A ® Greyhound? I know TheSn4k3 stated a couple of weeks ago that he decided to remodel the whole thing over again but has there been on more information after that? (If I missed something in  the last couple of pages just delete this and call me blind)

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  3. Is there talks of adding a version of the MH-60S without seats in the cabin? I do believe that the seats are able to be taken out when unnecessary. Will you be making different skins for each Sea Combat Squadron? If so, which ones and are you taking suggestions? and last one, is this pack going to be completely modular? So people can pick and choose which assets they want in say their units mod packs? Loving the screenshots so far, keep up the good work! sorry for grammar typed on my phone.