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  1. 3 minutes ago, Rich_R said:


    Interesting, this decision came about after a few questions about retexturing.


    Understand I'm a strong proponent of modder's rights and being allowed to take their time. Check my history and you'll see posts supporting just this.


    Bearing in mind parts of this mod are donated (probably very small I'm sure, I wouldn't know having never seen any release of the mod) and based on the timing, I find the decision ironic.


    Showing the characteristic enjoyed by many an Arma player, I'm eternally optimistic to see your hard work. The pictures have been very nice 😃

    This decision was not a very easy one to make and is not related to the previous retexturing conversation. We are eager to publish our content for everyone to use, However, due the lack of sufficient means to protect ours and other creators content and the rampant ripping/stealing that is currently happening throughout the community; we have decided to postpone until protection can be found/created. Believe us when we say, we didn't want it to be this way.

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  2. 51 minutes ago, appetency said:

    Really loving the new screenshots, amazing work as always.


    There lots of screenshots of various helmets/carriers with different patch combos. Will there be a variant of every piece of kit for every patch combo, or will patches be randomized upon selection?

    You will be able to change the patches on on all pieces that support them using hidden selections.

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  3. 2 hours ago, warlord554 said:

    Your testers have not done your mod any justice by posting pictures with various other "tacticool" mods, it's extremely hard to even tell what undersige item i'm looking at in your photos. I see a whole bunch of other mods. What are they showcasing of yours? Plate carriers? Uniforms? Only curious so that I may enjoy your hard work.



    While we thank you for your opinion; Our Testers main focus is testing the mod to make sure we can release a stable product for the community. The current artwork posted is simply a bi-product of testing. As @TheSenDest stated, the majority if not all of the kit, posted in the released artwork comprises of our own content. As stated before in this thread, multiple mods have been donated to our team and we're working on engineering those items. Any similarity is likely due to this fact. As in the past we will continue to post photographs that contain only USP content, if they do not we will annotate it beneath the photo as we have previously. 

    Much love,

    USP Team

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  4. 4 hours ago, RealMister said:

    I understand that you're busy and that you have a lot on plate all ready, but I have an idea that you may like for a JTAC/CCT-- along with commander--style plate carriers. The kagwerks case (phone mounted to the chest molle on the JPC in the photo) mounts an android device to the users chest, or any other molle panel for that matter. This is paired with the Android Tactical Assault Kit, a real time battlefield map and BLUFOR tracker, similar to the CTAB mod. 



    Don't you worry, we already have some of those items in the works 😉

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  5. Howdy everyone , With the continued overwhelming support from all of you, towards UnderSiege Productionz and its developers, we have come the conclusion that it is impossible to keep up with all the positive feedback. As well as questions regarding the possible outcomes of this mod.


    As UnderSiege Productionz’ gear mod is evolving and reaching the point of its first release, where it is critical to clarify the information provided to the public, UnderSiege Productionz’ method of external communication will shift towards a more content aware platform. As we would like to keep this as accessible as possible for your benefit, we have chosen to perform such communication through the Bohemia Interactive forums. This allows the end-user a clear view of any upcoming updates, as well as a stable and always accessible platform for anyone, anywhere. This in turn, provides us with a clear understanding of our priorities and will allow us to provide shorter, streamlined and significantly clearer content-filled messages to the public.


    However, due to the change in communication between UnderSiege Productionz and the overwhelming amount of supporters we have gained through the last year, it is no longer feasible to use Discord as a method of external communication. Thus, we conclude that the Discord server will no longer be provided as an open platform. This to create a better environment for you, the end-user, and provide you with a more clear and content-filled message once every month (Hopefully) on the Bohemia Interactive forums. We sincerely hope that this will ensure a clear understanding of the aim and direction of the mod, as well as provide a more accessible platform for feedback.

    Thank you for your immense support, and hopefully we will be seeing you soon on the Bohemia Interactive forums!


    - UnderSiege Productionz Development Team

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  6. 5 hours ago, hcpookie said:

    Nightintruder requested it be removed from Steam because he never gave permission for the An-28 port to be hosted on Steam.  He and I are working to make it a separate, standalone mod to be hosted on Armaholic- and direct-download.

    I was informed. I hope that mod sees the light of day soon! Keep up the good work on the rest of the pack!

  7. 52 minutes ago, hcpookie said:

    Added support for CUP and FAP factions :)


    An26 now holds 2 UAZ's in cargo, with room for 10x passengers.  OR 1x 'prowler' (the G.I. Joe looking 4x4) and 1 ATV.  I suspect the An26 is going to be quite useful :) 


    *IMG SNIP*



     - Fix An-124 geo lod issue

     - An-26 cargo placement

     - editor preview pics

     - fix any other bugs that appear during testing

    Will there be a version that carries more passengers and less cargo? I get more and more excited about this mod every time you post an update!

  8. 5 minutes ago, Lothear said:

    That's true. I've even heard of some DG guys still using 6094s or seen the Unit guy using Comtacs 1. But as I said, I have only seen LBHs recently so that's what I considered to be the standard helmet now.


    Not sure how only seeing Ops Cores in pictures makes it the standard...

  9. 8 hours ago, Lothear said:

    They are not. At least to my knowledge. NSW guys use LBH helmets and NSWDG guys use Maritimes (they did use 2001s until 2010).

    You can definitely find pictures of NSW units wearing MICH2001 2010-present.



    5 hours ago, road runner said:

    Can you link some pictures of the Ranger Regiment wearing the 2001 version, as it's peaked my curiosity.

    To my knowledge, you can't. The Regiment went from the MICH2000 to the Ops Core around the end of the iraqi conflict ('03-'11).



    2 hours ago, Alex150201 said:

    I'll put a spoiler



      Reveal hidden contents




    The first 2 pictures were the ones I had originally seen sometime ago. 


    The pictures from here and on are ones I found now 

    Also this one :D 




    My friend, every single one of those pictures has Rangers wearing the MICH2000 and some wearing 2002s and not the MICH2001



    34 minutes ago, Lothear said:

    I supposed that the main focus was the modern era and I haven't recently really seen any 2001s being used by NSW in Syria. But then again, my scope of focus really isn't NSW or their gear - or at least not to the same extent as the Unit or DG. DG guys kept using 2001s for some time after 2010, because the new hot stuff always goes first to team leaders and such. But as off 2011, Maritime was the standard issued helmet and is still so.

    Not all of the new stuff gets passed down and used. You must remember that the people in these units use what they feel comfortable with to get the maximum use out of their kit.

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