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  1. HAHA I saw that too when I was playing! xD Got a screenshot as well lmao in my opinion i found this quite funny and this shouldn't be removed. THIS was one hard mission...
  2. By the way, how do I earn the Humanitarian Achievement...? I was never faced with a clear choice?
  3. AzZaMaTr0n

    Eau De Combat

    I kinda like the idea of "Eau de combat" ... Would totally wear if it existed... Anyone else think it should be released? Imagine if it got released just like Arma 3 Karts :D
  4. So the new EDEN update was released and I was happy. After launching Arma, I had realised that the font had changed. I liked it at first but It looks disgusting when it says the ammo and gun name. The Main Menu font is nice but everything else is just horrible. Is there a way to revert font without falling back on version 1.54? Post your opinions and whether or not you guys want the font to be changed. :D