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  1. munnster

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    The question mark was in the wrong place. Armaholic is very hit or miss for me, sometimes links work and others i just get the error page. Talked to the admin and we couldn't figure it out.
  2. munnster

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Is there any alternative download to get this other than the 3 listed, i can't get this from any of them? Cheers
  3. It was broke for me so i found a .bat and run that and finally got the server working somewhat and then i tried tadst for the hell of it and it all of a sudden works perfectly now, so confused.
  4. Since the update i get the difficulty error and can't change my .Arma3Profile file so hope this gets updated soon. :)
  5. I was getting the same error as well ravage\code\settings.sqf then ctd but i removed the line from the init and its loads no problem but no loot is spawning at all. Cars, Zeds and Bandits are spawning, weird.
  6. munnster


    Thanks alot cosmic10r. Cheers man :)
  7. munnster


    Does anyone have the EDN Fortification mod that they could share? I have been trying to get it from Armaholics and With Six but it will not download it. I have tried multiple browsers and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. munnster


    Ya i knew that :) but its been 2 days and loot just stopped suddenly, it happened a few times and i have to restart the mission. Thought someone else might have had an issue.
  9. munnster


    Anyone else getting a no loot bug? I restarted multiple times and eventually loot stops spawning in buildings.
  10. munnster


    Has there been a fix for the AI spawning with no weapons? When i find a camp usually only 2 guys have rifles the rest have either bino's or nothing at all. :(
  11. munnster


    Hey guys, Im having an issue where the AI only spawn with HLC weapons. I have a few weapon mods from the list and i added this to the init but thats all the AI are using now with the odd Vanilla weapon. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks