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  1. If you're familiar with C or C++ programming then you're likely familiar with what a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) is. For the uninitiated, a MUD is a text-based roleplaying game, the mechanics of which are traditionally based on games like Dungeons & Dragons (different classes have different skills and abilities, and characters gain experience points to level up, increasing their skills and gaining additional abilities, equipment, etcetera). MUDs are the original precursor to MMORPGs, but due to the lack of colorful graphics, they are viewed as being somewhat antiquated. However, due to the ability of a knowledgable programmer to code essentially any sort of feature or mechanic imaginable, a well-made MUD will often have deeper gameplay than most any other type of video game. As most MUDs are fantasy or science fiction themed, you can think of a MUD as being a bit like the game Skyrim, where you can go anywhere and do anything, except that instead of looking at graphics and using a controller, in a MUD you read text descriptions of areas, items, and NPCs, and you type commands which correlate with various actions, skills, and abilities. I'm in the process of compiling a design document for such a game, with the game taking place in a besieged city and the surrounding area. The general concepts of the game are inspired largely by "milsim" gaming, and my experiences of playing Arma 2 insurgency maps for hours on end. In brief, players will assume the roles of soldiers with varying specialties (assaulters, medics, EOD, marksman, FOs, et. al.) and will compete mission objectives to gain experience points, gaining rank, increasing their skills, leaning new abilities, and gaining access to additional weapons, equipment, and tactical assets. The game world will be a persistent battlefield which players can explore and influence with their actions. When a character dies, they will be forced to start over, and so the game is essentially about staying alive as long as possible whilst leveling and completing missions in a dynamic, hostile environment. In time, the game will be a unique experience, providing a never-ending simulation of life in a combat zone, exploring various aspects of strategy, chain of command, and the logistical concerns of the modern battlefield. While not exciting in the same way as an intense game of ArmA, for example, the game will explore many of the same concepts in a world which is persistent and which players can keep coming back to. As for the programming needs, we can discuss the finer points in private, but we need a C or C++ coder to join the team to assist with either modifying an existing MUD codebase, or building a new, custom codebase from scratch. It's an extensive undertaking, but one which will serve as a collaborative and creative project for a long time to come. A few brief examples of the sorts of mechanics we will need include: a medical/wounding system which incorporates concepts such as bloodloss and casualty stabilization; a cover system (either as an active skill which interacts with appropriately flagged objects, or as a dynamic Defensive modifier); a system to reflect forward observation and calling air strikes/CAS, just to name a few. Eventually we will be designing systems to reflect things like intelligence and recon as well. Vehicles would be a other eventuality. The idea is to combine the tactical, strategic cooperative aspects of a game like ArmA with the depth and lasting persistence of a roleplaying game. If you have any questions or care to discuss the project further, send me a message and I'll give you a more complete overview. Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from some of you soon. Happy gaming until then!
  2. This looks great. Might replace my old favorite of Aliabad. Great work man.
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    Middle East Conflict mod

    This looks great. Not sure how I've missed it til now. Cheers guys!
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    Reign Of Jurassic Mod

    This looks interesting, to say the least!
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    What a bummer. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Good luck, Bink!