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  1. Hello, I would like to start this out by saying Myself and the many others I play with and have used this map LOVE it. I am here to make one suggestion however. In updated 1.02 when you added the flat areas for the bases to be put, the flat area in the desert. I have put a medium sized FOB up there in my template, however the road( or path i should say) is very narrow, almost like a goat path. My question is, in the next update if this road can be widened to accommodate for an MTVR or other larger vehicles. It can still be that same desert dirt material, just wider and flattened to a road and not a path. Once again, love the map, not trying to tell you what to do. You guys are the ones with the skills and I am the one playing, just a small suggestion from something I noticed building templates for Kunduz. Thank you, Cariddo