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  1. Hi all, I've poked around with missions scripting in the past, but I'm really looking for a concrete answer on this. I love modding and mods in general for all games, but, as a software engineer myself, I tend to get a bit paranoid of what I install / grant permissions to. When I download an Arma3 Mission or Mod, what kind of things can these do? ie. Execute .exes, include and reference compiled c++? I know that mission files are .pbo, which contain an arma scripting language, which limits itself to functionality supported by the engine. However, I've always seen a lot of references to compiled C++ code. Some mods (like Breaking Point) seem to do a lot more than just script together some gameplay behaviors so I can only assume it does a bit more than just scripting language things. Looking through the CUPs addons and BattleRoyale, I only see .pbos and a few other non-code/binaries. Are there particular restrictions on mods vs missions, how can I tell if they're trying to install/execute binaries or arbitrary code? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Workshop Missions and Mods - What can missions/mods execute?

    That wasn't quite what I meant. I was more referring to the technical capabilities of the mods/missions themselves, not really making changes to them personally. When I download user created content to my computer, I want to know what it can do. For instance, can a mission include a script that will read from any arbitrary file on the system? Stuff akin to that. Appreciate the reply though!
  3. Hi all, after 9.6 GB update for Apex, the game no longer starts. When I try and run the game I get the error "Starting the game or BattlEye has failed." If I disable BattlEye the game does start...so obviously it's BattlEye related. I tried downloading the 32-bit and 64-bit executable from their site, but still no luck. It doesn't seem like anyone else is having the same problem searching around online... Any ideas? When I "Verify integrity of cache" within Steam, I get 2 files have failed to validate and will be reacquired. However, even after this completes, the original problem persists. I do have several mods installed (like Iron Front 3 Lite and Battle Royale) but these are disabled when I attempt to launch the game. Edit: Come to think of it... I did install Planetside 2 the other day... But I thought I played Arma more recently than that... I think they use BattlEye now. Wonder if it's related. Edit2: Wow, that was brutal. Even running the .exe was giving permissions errors... Found through using Proc Mon that AVG was blocking the launch EVEN AFTER disabling AVG. Booted in safe mode and removed AVG garbage from my computer. Don't know why it chose now to try and mess with me... Not sure if I can mark as solved.