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  1. So a couple months ago, I noticed a peculiar (idk glitch?) Bug. When you are Running/Jogging in Arma 3 your stamina always depletes right? This is the intention of the stamina system. What is WEIRD though, is if you enter this particular stance and jog, you regen stamina as if you were walking/standing. I will post some images of a breakdown to how to do it below so you can see what I am talking about. I've never really noticed anyone else in arma using this so maybe it just hasn't surfaced popularly yet, or in fact, it is intended. GUIDE BELOW Let me know if anyone else has encountered this or finds it odd. I'm curious. :) As a basic breakdown (Don't worry video provided) I'll describe the specific stance and under which conditions it works and how to use it to your advantage. -To achieve your inner marathon champion be sure to be standing normally. Now it wont be immediately apparent, but pressing your C key will toggle you in and out of (For lack of a better phrase) what I would call Combat Running and Relaxed Running. As far as I have discovered this ONLY works in relaxed running. So be sure to do some stretching and medium jogging. After you're good and comfortable go ahead and proceed! Double tapping Left Control will enter you into a more relaxed stance. (Of course in preparation for all that good hustling to the objective) After being as relaxed as you can use your movement keys W and A to run AND regenerate stamina Here is a video demonstrating the technique. Simple Example of using running technique If you don't quite catch what is happening in the last ~10 seconds of the video - watch the stamina bar and how each direction I move USES Stamina EXCEPT for in that particular movement formation. You should only need to use this technique intermittently. Only for 15-30 seconds depending on how much stamina you need. Wrapping UpNow I know this "tutorial" breaks it down in a very simple and out of drill situation, BUT getting comfortable with this method is extremely helpful (Especially for those of you carrying 30-35 kg) and quicker than you might think. TL/DR Essentially all you have to do is left CTRL twice, Press C, and start moving with W and A so you run diagonally Left and regen stamina. CONS: - Makes running tactically a bit wonky (You're basically jogging at an angle) (Please for the sake of squad mates Do NOT prioritize this over anything essential to unit cohesion, communication and combat effectiveness.) - Makes looking around a bit off center - General formation, running, and positioning disarray can happen easily if you aren't aware of what direction you are moving (because from my experience it is easy to misguide your direction) - Can only be done standing - Can only be done with your gun DOWN leaving you less able to quickly react PROS: - FREE Stamina! - Overall Mobility enhancement - Works on ALL terrain EXCEPT for Inclines greater than roughly 45 degrees BUT WAIT it still doesn't drain stamina: It simply stops regen until you get to more level ground. There's my quick guide on how to help manage stamina. Hope everyone finds this helpful!