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  1. Hi,


    No, I am aware on how to create squad xmls as well as Arma 3 Units. Note that I state


    I've never been able to display my own or any other squad's/unit's paa icon due to this error

    meaning that I have a working unit that others can see, but I myself cannot see my own, or any other's units/squads. The game simply won't display the file because it is checking the wrong location for the file.

  2. First let me not that I've never been able to display my own or any other squad's/unit's paa icon due to this error, since I've bought the game. I've tried reinstalling, and even this is a new computer with the same issue.

    Not sure why but the game seems to be looking for the squads folder in the wrong spot.


    It shows as


    k:\documents\arma 3 - other profiles\\squads\...


    but instead should be just


    k:\documents\arma 3 - other profiles\squads\...



    Any ideas from anyone? I am unsure of any config to redirect the folder location.

  3. I have been able to successfully make squads both through XML hosting and ArmaSquads, then moved over to Arma Units. Across all of these, I am unable to see others or my own insignia, though, others could see it on me or themselves.

    This has followed me from one computer to the next, so I'm pretty sure it's not hardware, and fresh game don't seem to work either.



    I had a buddy of mine join my Arma Unit, he could see my insignia, on his own screen though I could still not see it on him or his vehicle.


    Please excuse the low quality image. He sent me a picture from his phone(i.imgur.com)


    I have no clue what to do anymore, suggestions?

  4. Well, "Clan Insignias" can still be presented through squads.xml option, though, it's becoming depreciated if it has not already, and they'd like you to just switch over to the Arma - Units way of things. Honestly, it's easier than the XML.


    To get started, head over to units.arma3.com and Join or Register a Unit. If you have not linked your Steam account with your BIS Account, you'll need to to show your new Unit Insignia in-game. Once it is all linked, just select a unit you are in from the Arma 3 Launcher, and enjoy the new insignia.


    Insignias appear on all supported Clothing and Vehicles.


    Hope this helps.



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  5. Well, as the title says, I'm the only person that cannot see squad logos.

    Everyone else in the server says, and has shown me they can see the PAA on my shoulder, and in vehicles, and randoms compliment me occasionally.

    I just.. don't render it. On the map, it's just a blank space. For every other player, it's there. Ideas?


    Screenshots on request, XML hosted on ArmaSquads.


    XML: http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/Wjr8UNsCwvcK5QWUYGpuHhuZtBNBDwMg/squad.xml