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  1. Version 1.4 is finally out! Yes, it's true. VPHUD has finally been updated. With many new features and improvements. I'd like to apologize to all the players that somehow kept using this neglected mod for the last few years, and for voicing your ideas and bug reports. VPHUD has always been in the back of my mind bugging me to fix it thanks to you all. I hope you enjoy this long-due update. The new version is already available to be updated from the Steam Workshop. Alternatively, you can download it from here. What's new in v1.4? - CBA is now required as mod settings are now changed in the CBA addons settings menu. They can still be changed in the action menu options window but are discouraged. (Suggested by "Snake Plissken" on Steam Mod Workshop comments.) - Added setting to change crosshair style to anything typed in the setting. - Changed pitch degrees scale from 10 to 15. - Throttle indicator available for all air vehicles, and setting to enable/disable it. (Suggested by "Lawless" on Steam Mod Workshop comments.) - Altitude measurement is now available to be chosen between "Above Sea Level" (new default) and "Above Ground Level". (Suggested by "Phantom_Wolf" on Steam Mod Workshop comments.) - Added log messages to .rpt log file to more easily diagnose where errors and unintended behaviors might happen. - A few more localisations(translations) were added for some new texts. Improved from v1.3 - Options window action menu access is now disabled by default to encourage changing settings in the CBA addons settings menu. Legacy support is available for some options, but will no longer be updated for more recent settings. Can be enabled/disabled in CBA addon settings. - Imperial Units made the new default option as is most commonly used in the real world. Metric Units are still available to be selected in CBA addons settings. - Deprecated filtering of vehicles, now VPHUD has the same behavior for all vehicles. - The main event handler changed to addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D" (Suggested by "Lou Montana" on Arma 3 Discord.) - Overall simplification of code with more universal use of methods instead of inline coding. - Cleaned clutter controls classes that were conflicting with CBA and were never necessary in the first place. Planned for v1.5 - Some way to reset settings as a last resort. (Suggested by "YonV" on Steam Mod Workshop comments.)
  2. VPHUD stands for Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display What is VPHUD? Have you ever felt the need to look at the aircraft fixed gauges, because it had no HUD? Have you ever crashed your aircraft because you were distracted looking at such gauges? Have you ever wished the Advanced Flight Model GUI existed in the Standard Flight Model? If that's your case then I'm glad to tell you that VPHUD seeks to solve all those problems and wishes you ever had before. VPHUD is a seamless addon that adds two virtual gauges to all aircraft that do not have native HUD support. An Artificial Horizon to help you understand when your airplane is upside down, or if you're landing your helicopter perfectly leveled. A Vertical Speed Indicator to give you crucial information if the landing you're attempting to make it too harsh for your aircraft to handle. Some other misc information is also available such as altitude, throttle, and speed. How does it work? As mentioned before, the addon works seamlessly without the need for any configuration. All you have to do is get in an aircraft as a pilot, and the VPHUD will pop up immediately. At the left will show up the Vertical Speed Indicator and at the right the Artificial Horizon. But that's not all, you can change VPHUD's settings in addons options. What settings can I change? Change VPHUD scale and positioning. Change the System of Units between Imperial System and Metric System. Change the way altitude is measured between Sea Level and Ground Level. Enable a virtual crosshair and change its color and shape. You can even use the crosshair only if you don't care about the gauges. Enable a throttle indicator for airplanes or collective indicator for helicopters in the advanced flight model. How to aim the crosshair? You can change crosshair to whatever shape you want, however, I find V shape the most versatile. When NOT zoomed in the player aims with the V's top (default view), when zooming in the player aims with the bottom end of the V (right click zoom). Issues Altitude bar sometimes getting behind the Vertical Speed Indicator is expected behavior. Pitch is not perfectly accurate. Aside from that, none that I'm aware of. Let me know if you find any. Planned Improvements Gauges size scaling algorithm needs improvement. Virtual Flight Path Vector. Some way to reset settings as a last resort. Another VPHUD styling that replicates real aircraft HUDs. Meanwhile, this may interest you. Licensing No Redistribution - You may not publicly redistribute VPHUD without my consent. As such public modpacks/mod compilations are not authorized. The ONLY EXCEPTIONS are communities/clans that may PRIVATELY share VPHUD on their own PRIVATE repositories for PRIVATE IN-HOUSE use without noticing me. (I'll personally take care of distributing and keeping updated VPHUD on the most popular Arma public repositories. If you wish for VPHUD to be available on a public repository that is not yet available please contact me.) Attribution - You may create your own derivative works as long as you credit me for the original work on which your derivative work is based, but not in any way that suggests that I endorse you or your derivative work. Noncommercial - You may not use VPHUD for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Share Alike - Your derivative work must also be open for derivative works and not be used for commercial purposes as well (both Arma derivatives and non-Arma derivatives). You may opt to openly allow your derivative work to be publicly distributed. Download Repositories Steam Workshop Direct Download Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you. Contribute to the mod at GitHub.
  3. Greetings reader, here's my problem: I've been trying to retexture some CUP Units gear yet although I'm able to see the new gear in-game, it still loads the original texture instead of the new one despite everything seems to be perfect. So I'm supposing it is something stupid I'm not aware. Here's my config and file structure: @Takistan97\logo.paa @Takistan97\mod.cpp @Takistan97\addons\tk97\config.cpp @Takistan97\addons\tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa (DXT1 Compressed) @Takistan97\addons\tk97\data\logo.paa class CfgPatches { class Takistan97 { weapons[] = {"TK97_KZG_Helmet"}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Characters_F","CUP_Creatures_People_Core","CUP_Creatures_Military_SLA" }; author = "Grester & Volker"; }; }; class CfgMods { class Mod_Base; class Mod_TK97: Mod_Base { picture="tk97\data\logo.paa"; logo="tk97\data\logo.paa"; logoSmall="tk97\data\logo.paa"; tooltipOwned="Takistan '97"; overview="Placeholder"; hideName=1; hidePicture=0; name="Takistan '97"; }; }; class cfgWeapons { //INHERITED CONFIG class CUP_H_SLA_Helmet; class TK97_KZG_Helmet: CUP_H_SLA_Helmet { dlc="Mod_TK97"; author = "Grester"; displayName = "Karzeghistani Helmet"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa"}; }; //HARDCODED CONFIG /*class InventoryItem_Base_F; class ItemCore; class HeadgearItem{ class ItemInfo; }; class TK97_KZG_Helmet: ItemCore { scope = 2; dlc="Mod_TK97"; author = "Grester"; displayName = "Karzeghistani Helmet"; descriptionShort="$STR_A3_SP_AL_II"; picture="\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_Taki\data\ui\icon_h_tk_helmet_ca.paa"; model="\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_SLA\CUP_SLA_Helmet.p3d"; hiddenSelections[]={"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo: HeadgearItem { mass=10; uniformModel="\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_SLA\CUP_SLA_Helmet.p3d"; allowedSlots[]={801,901,701,605}; modelSides[]={0,3}; armor=5; passThrough=0.5; hiddenSelections[]={"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa"}; class HitpointsProtectionInfo { class Head { hitpointName="HitHead"; armor=6; passThrough=0.5; }; }; }; };*/ }; I've successfully retextured Arma 3 vanilla gear before, but I remember I've had trouble in past doing the same for CUP gear even though I've successfully retextured CUP vehicles. I've tried normal inherited config and hardcoded config, neither work. I've inspected another CUP gear retexture mod from the workshop and can't see any difference. I've read ArmA_3_Replacement_Config_Tutorial and Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide for any hints. I've watched old youtube tutorials. Arma gives no errors on the logs. Not even MikeroTools's PBOProject gives any error and successfully builds the PBO. I'm even considering it might not be a problem with config/mod itself, as the object always finds a way to load the original texture, even when hardcoded as a separate object. So I've run out of ideas on what could actually be the problem.
  4. I found this thread of Arma2 from 2009 which asks the very same question. Now I must say I haven't tried this yet but, I wonder upon the release of Eden update if there are better alternatives given sync seems to have been sort of discontinued (I'm a Mission Editor amateur so I don't know if sync still actually exists.) or if simply there are better methods as of 2016's Arma 3 capabilities unlike A2 from 2009. Assurance of A2's method and possible alternatives are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. Do you have "Arma 3 Tools" installed? In your steam library, you can find it in the "Tools" category. Once you install that, you'll be able to open RVMATs with proper software ("Material Editor") and easily edit it. Once you open another RVMAT with the program you'll see how straightforward things are and should be easy to mimic.
  6. RVMATs although theoretically complex they are not that hard to adapt to your needs. Basically, you just have to define how shiny or reflective something is. First you need to create a normal map texture so that the game knows how to reflect the light on the object. You can improvise a height map from your textures - an easy but not precise way to do that is to turn your textures into black and white - you can then convert it to a normal map. After that, a good way to find out, what values you're looking for to define your object, is to examine RVMATs from existing objects. If you're looking for something matte (not shiny), check out a vehicle. If you're looking for something shiny look for a metallic object (a weapon or something else). The whole process involves a lot of trial and error. Checking in-game how it looks and refine. From optimizing the normal map texture, to changing the values in the RVMAT,
  7. VPHUD 1.3 has been released! What's new in v1.3? Added translations support. (Read this issue if you're interested in translating.) Heavy project restructuring and refactoring to make it easier to contribute to GitHub. WARNING: Mod settings will be reset because of this. Sorry for the inconvenience. Improved from v1.2 modelToWorld call changed to modelToWorldVisual to improve performance (Suggested by "cineafx" on Steam Workshop) Gauges no longer appear on parachutes (Vanilla and CUP) Direct download
  8. Right now you can already choose to only use crosshair if you so desire. But yes, I intend to add more crosshair styles and better settings.
  9. Hello mod players, sorry it's been a while. (Some of you have commented on the workshop page and I've always replied although not with the best news.) However right now I just want to let you know, that next weekend I'll be releasing a minor update (v1.2.1) that will fix a parachutes suggestion posted on steam workshop. After that I intend on resuming work on the mod, working on the planned improvements, first of all a user suggestion for a throttle indicator for those using analog throttle. I'm also setting up the project on GitHub for people to contribute, if they so desire. See you soon.
  10. In this current version you can already select to only use crosshair. As for crosshair customsation I do want to expand such functionalities for next version.
  11. Users Survey Dear subscribers and users of VPHUD, I'd like to get a better idea what kind of players use VPHUD and thus what features I should give more priority. If you could spare a few seconds to vote on this poll I'd be much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. VPHUD 1.2 has been released! What's new in v1.2? Savable user options: Your VPHUD settings will now be saved between game sessions. Crosshair only: If you don't care about the gauges you can select to simply show the crosshair and nothing else. Jets DLC filtering added: Filter list updated to Jets DLC standards. (If I missed any or filtered one by acident, let me know.) Improved from v1.1 Crosshair style: Due to a issue when zooming in, the crosshair would offset from the aim point, a different crosshair style was implemented. This new V-Shaped crosshair style, allows the player to always aim roughly accurate at all times. When NOT zoomed in the player aims with the V's top (default view), when zooming in the player aims with the bottom end of the V (right click zoom).
  13. Incase someone stumbles upon this topic in the future, here's how you do it: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/profileNamespace https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/saveProfileNamespace
  14. I've been "searching far and wide" but I've yet to find any useful information about this. I'm looking for a way to preserve userconfigs of an addon between Arma launches. From what I've seen sometimes addons rely on the userconfig folder but those mods seem to rely on users manually copying the config file to such folder before the addon even work at all. I was looking for a way to have initial default settings but allow user to change them to his likings, without the need to hand copy such userconfig files. I haven't yet tried reverse engineer ACE or RHS to see how they do with their options menus, but the information I found often refers to missionConfigs not userConfig in the sense of a mod, for example the biki page for userconfig is a user contribution quite incomplete. This topic doesn't seem helpful for my needs either. This one warns about dangerous userconfig structures but not how they are actually made. Thus I was looking for some tips or a guide on how to implement such feature on my addon.
  15. I'm already planning on doing a HUD version that resembles the real green translucid HUDs so I guess that could be a feature I could try implement. Though it be could be something that potentially would take a while to implement as perhaps I'd need to do individual settings for each ordenance if Arma does differ such physical particularities between ammo types. PS: Regarding the 3rd Person compatibility, I'm not sure if the crosshair works as intended on third person, but theoretically it should.
  16. As far as I know yes, that shouldn't be a problem. Never thought of that, usefull indeed.
  17. VPHUD 1.1 has been released! What's new in v1.1? Options Menu: Scroll ingame to see "VPHUD Options" option to open such menu. Resizable/Repositionable Gauges: Using the VPHUD Options menu you'll be able to increase or decrease size of VPHUD and adjust the spacing between gauges. Toggeable Virtual Crosshair: Using the VPHUD Options menu you'll be able to activate a virtual crosshair to aid aiming. The crosshair color and transparency can also be adjusted. Imperial System added: Using the VPHUD Options menu you'll be able to change between the default Metric System and Imperial System of units. Forceable VPHUD: Using the VPHUD Options menu you'll be able to force VPHUD to (not) show up, even if that aircraft has been filtered to (not) use VPHUD by default. RHS and CUP vehicles filtering added: RHS and CUP vehicles will now be filtered if they have native HUD or not. (If I missed any or filtered one by acident, let me know.) Fixed from v1.0 VPHUD not showing up if player started mission already inside an aircraft. (Undetected bug before release.)
  18. @kimi_uy what do you think about this Imperial System?
  19. To those that use "odd" resolutions or normal UI size try this Alfa build and tell me how it works for you. Using the scroll menu you'll see "VPHUD options" that allow you to fiddle with the HUD gauges size and spacing between them. Note that this a development build, not all new features are yet implemented while others are still buggy, I'm just letting people test it a bit before releasing the important scaling/spacing release.
  20. Grester

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    It is indeed easier to expand, and since it doesn't rely on classes it doesn't need to overload any parent classes, eleminating inheritance problems.
  21. Grester

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Oddly I haven't found this in time before developing VPHUD as it's kinda what I was looking for. It uses the MFD classes doesn't it?
  22. Never thought of that idea, I'll certainly add it once the menu functionality exists. Velocity in MPH and altitude in feet?
  23. OP's question is about Group Names not Unit/Role Names. Those can be changed to be visible in lobby (AKA slot names).
  24. I did the math captcha. I also did reply to the email a couple days later so I thought it simply hadn't been reviewed yet. That's fine the upload, I'll register again so you can associate the account like you do with other mods ;) Edit: Login works, account name is the same as in here, please do the association, thank you.