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  1. I guess you have 2 screens in dual where the 3340*1440 is the main screen. So when ArmA3Sync is launch the 3340*1440 resolution is used as reference to determine the icons size.

    It is technically not possible to adapt the icon size and text size up scaling when moving the main window from one screen to another.

    What I can do is to add into menu Help -> Preferences the ability to enable/disable icons rescaling for your unusual screen format (21:9).

    Alright sweet that would be awesome,


  2. Hi there, I seem to be having a problem where the icons for some stuff are massive. I haven't tried to fix it yet as I thought you might like a bug report. Appeared after the most recent update.






    Let me know if you need more info Ect.



  3. hello there im part of a milsim unit much like your own 3 commando.. in particular im part of the flight element and we were curious if it were possible to apply different textures to it that would only slightly change how it looked just being able to add these insignias to the right arm freeing the left arm for the squad URLXlwXv5W.pnglatest?cb=20141229171458

    I think what he is asking for is the implementation of a place where insignia will appear on the pilot suit, I dony know how possible it is. Atm it only supports squad XMLs on the Left arm, maybe the insignia could go on the right arm?