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  1. Hello, i just want to remind on this issue described in the feedback below. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23741 The issue exists for quite some time now and hasn't been fixed in 1.54 or 1.56 RC Perhaps it is just a little setting to alter or a big ammount of work. I don't know. Maybe it's to late for 1.56 but eventually it finds it's way in. I'm not demanding anything, just want to remind on that topic. Greetings Phazoneater
  2. Yes, you can map the controls for tracked and wheeled vehicles on different axis or input devices and control then analog. But as soon as you bind them on the same axis, you get weird behavior. I hope i got the topic right, else just ignore my post.
  3. I've asked me the same question: Is it possible to use the same input method for track and wheel based vehicles ? Actualy i am using my gamepad to drive wheeled vhicles and the keyboar for tanks. It would be nice if i could use the pad for both.
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    Using Opentrack too with Pointtracker plugin selected to track my selfmade IR-Clip via an PS3 EyeToy Webcam. Works pretty good so far.