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    Attaching spawn point to a sector?

    I have a few questions about this. I understand where the top part of your post is suppose to go, but for the part where you say "Probably want to have this as its init" I have no idea what this means. What init? is it a Trigger, SQF, or Sector init? And another question is how would I replicate this for east?
  2. surgicaltalents

    How do I show the winners name on screen?

    Thanks very much. I will try to get something working and post my results. Again thank you for the fast reply.
  3. I would like to know if it is possible to show the persons name with the highest score on the screen at the end of my mission. My mission ends with a countdown module and there is an option under "End type after countdown gets to 0" stating "player with the best score wins." I want to know if there is a way I can show that person with the highest score on my outro camera before the mission ends. (I have my mission set to end shortly after my outro camera is done doing its shots.) I am a major noob to scripting and making missions so if you know how to do what I am asking then, if possible, please explain in detail what exactly you did. Thanks in advance.
  4. surgicaltalents

    How do I show the winners name on screen?

    Thanks for the detailed reply, but I am confused on one part. Where would I set the variables at? Would it be in the same description.ext or would it be in an .sqf? Or would it be in a triggers condition?
  5. surgicaltalents

    How do I show the winners name on screen?

    Sorry for the late reply but the winning condition would be the player with the most kills. Thanks for the fast response! Now that I think about it. Is it possible to show multiple players on the screen. For example: "Player" stayed alive the longest "players longest time alive" "Player" had the most kills "players kill count" "Player" revived the most squad members "players amount of revives" These are just examples and would also like to know if multiple conditions could be set like this.
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    I was wondering if you guys could tell me how to make this script multiplayer. It is an old version of yours rtek that is modified without the uniforms. I know that Racketen made an mp one but it is not the way I want it to work. The reason I want your old version is that I would like to have a cooldown on the ability. It only works with the server host and no other player can use it but me. They can see the effect and see me go invisible but they cant do it themselves. If you can help, thanks. By the way I am a big noob so If you could explain in detail, if possible, it would be nice. if (hasInterface) then { _Unit = _this select 0; _id = _this select 2; player removeAction _id; timer = 6; _nil = [] execVM "HeatEffect.sqf"; (_this select 0) hideObjectGlobal true; SystemChat "Cloak Active"; Cloaker setCaptive true; [timer] spawn { while {!(timer == -1)} do { Heat setpos (getpos _Unit); sleep 0.1; }; }; while {!(timer == -1)} do { SystemChat format ["%1 seconds left",timer]; timer = timer -1; sleep 1; }; (_this select 0) hideObjectGlobal false; deleteVehicle Heat; SystemChat "Cloak Deactivated, wait 20 seconds before use again"; Cloaker setCaptive false; sleep 20; SystemChat "Cloak Ready"; Cloaker addAction ["Cloak", "cloak.sqf", [] , 1 , true , true , "" , "_this == _target"]; };