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    Getting tired of this now...

    Dear BI After several months of trying to use this game I have had enough. Today the latest update removed all the mods in expansions (with no guidance about how to reinstall them) that made this half completed game playable. Despite its huge potential and possibilities, you have sold an over complex, unintuitive game, with poor; single play functions, gameplay and AI command & control, editing and character / vehicle modifications. Despite excellent features (Virtual Arsenal and Editor) they are not interconnected but isolated elements requiring complex and out of game processes to bring them together! When was this acceptable? For some reason its set in 2030 (why?) and relies far to heavily on the modding community to make up for its fundamental weaknesses (e.g. BIPODS for LMG and snipers rifles FGS? But no, Go Carts are far more of a priority than waiting 2 years to have this addressed in free DLC). Can I ask how I get my money back please? Now.... Kind regards