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  1. Does anybody know what has changed? Even existing maps already in ARMA stopped working (no satelite, no surface). cannot_load_texture s_000_000_Ico.paa
  2. ?? The positions are defined inside each building for AI unit placement - LS uses these fixed positions to spawn loot. Far from "randomizing"... Some building have many, some have none. The question was can you create additional buildingPos entries.
  3. Is there a way to create more buildingPos entries for each building? I assumed the spawner generates these position by testing each building, however I see the positions are already set. A these positions related to Epoch/DayZ loot positions or are they totally independent from any mod and are baked into the map.
  4. slowekistan

    M.S.K.E. 4 Islands Map Version 2017

    Hotzenplotz, thank you very much for the effort. Great work! I am setting up an "Epoch 4 islands" server: KS3000 4 Islands Launch params: -noSplash -mod=(at)Epoch;(at)Emod02;(at)allinarmaterrainpack;(at)MSKE-A3; - added ground loot to almost all OFP and ARMA buildings - epoch loot works on ARMA2,3 buildings - multiple sappers - spawn on Sarugao - survival loot and weapons Work in progress. Need to setup traders, vehicles, etc. Again, thank you for bringing back to us these lost but not forgotten islands.