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  1. 7 hours ago, Flinty said:

    Had a look, you can't actually add the Javelin or L115A3 or L110A1 to the tripod

    I think the tripod are a bit big for the l115a3 and the l110a1 mate as they have a bipod on them mate the 50cal he's talking about is the HMG and the GPMG and the GMG all do on the big tripod and if I'm right there working on a tripod for the Javlin too 

  2. 16 minutes ago, UK_Apollo said:


    The WMIK (Milan) has Milan tubes in inventory. In fact, the spare tubes are stored on the vehicle, so you can count visually how many you have left. 

    The weapon is newly modelled from scratch in-house by Eotech [3CB] in beautiful detail.




    We'll also be releasing to our 3CB BAF Weapons pack, at a later date, an infantry deployed version of the Milan which will be able to share the same tubes.

    Just check behind you before firing...that's all I'm saying.  ;-)

    Sounds good is there a hint there with an infantry Milan that there will be a tripod for the Milan/Javlin ;P

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  3. 11 hours ago, UK_Apollo said:


    I hope you don't mind me suggesting that the most likely cause is that you thought you had put on the safety catch, but actually hadn't. Then when you Alt Tabbed back into game, the gun fires - it's quite a common occurrence when players don't put on the safety. What I do is press Esc first to bring up the game menu before Alt-Tabbing, to be extra cautious.

    No I do recal puting the gun on safty as we have to while at base on the ops so there is no blue on blue 

  4. TBH here mate looks like you have got some equipment from other mods/already in game that you are just changed some things on it also as what some one els has said why don't you focus on things that's people don't want to make that the British army uses becuase I bet that most of the units won't change form 3CB's gear as it's aleedy been intergrated into most of em and it's not a huge mod pack to install.