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  1. J. Davs

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Map looks grate can't wait to have operations on here. also how much memory would you say this map will take up
  2. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    ow i didn't notice that dumb me. any way keep up with the good work.
  3. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    any chance of getting this paint job on the dessert Jackal and on the Coyote
  4. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Most of the britsh units out there are looking for britsh mods to role out but there is so few people making them such as 3CB, RKSLRock, Burnes, cleggy, but then you look at the Us themed units and well most moders make stuff for US themed units.
  5. Hey there rock was wondering what ground vics you got in the works such as the warrior, Viking or maybe your own version of the ridgeback. Plus good work on your fox hound can't wait to get my hands on the best.
  6. I don't know if this is on ther server or the nexus update broke it bit the micro dager gps no longer for me and other people on the server gose to the right hand side of the screen it stay in the middle of the screen.
  7. J. Davs

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Hello there warden I was just wondering will you be releasing the CB90N to arma 3 your self or will another modder realising it. If you are going to do you have a predicted date you will be releasing it.
  8. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    So we have the Coyote and the Jackal will we see the Ridgeback and the Mastiff or any other britsh vics maybe like sea vics like reading craft or transport and so on
  9. Well we sae the hawk T2 as well can't wait for that if you do bring it out.
  10. Great mods by the way. But we had expereanced when flying with the merlin if the co pilot takes control all the movement he try's to get the merlin to do it doesn't respond like it should do for the pilot also he can't use his countermeasures but the odd thing is the pilot can only do them even when he is not in control with the air craft.
  11. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Equipment

    In the futer will we be seeing high vis vest or something in that line in the futer. Also the point man bag has a shotgun on the side will we in ther futer be able to take it of or something so the l85 gets put there or slung on your back.
  12. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hi there I was wondering if you guys are going to make patches through time with all of the army's insignias maybe in an optional pack or within this pack.
  13. this mod is looking amazing can't wait to be able to see it in ops
  14. J. Davs

    3CB BAF Equipment

    hay there I don't know if some one has reported this or you guys already know but some times when someone is using the T-shirt with the MTP trousers that there arms go white. I dont know if its the mods we use that cause it to go like that now and again but I am not too sure. https://gyazo.com/9f2e936ad8aeeaa9222464318333549b
  15. One thing will there be a BV on the ship or a lot of boxes of lilt on it
  16. Good job on the mod by the way. Also will there be a texured one for the RAF/RN
  17. i cant wait till this mods come out. gonna have loads of ops on this Ship now