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  1. Nice @OFrP for the beret insignia 😄 As for the bad news I'm sorry to hear it. I'm guessing the integrators you are looking for aren't just merely config writers ?
  2. Beautiful models, especially the S3, having had to endure wearing it for hours on end I'm glad to see it in so much details, same for the F1. I must admit I was a bit affraid you wouldn't cover these old pieces of equipment that the Armée de Terre mostly stopped using but that are still in use daily in the Armée de l'Air and Marine Nationale. On that point I also love the berets and their corresponding insignias, but are beret of the fusilliers commandos de l'air planned as well since both the FUSCO and the CPA special forces wear them ?
  3. Heartbroken

    Advanced Rappelling

    Same here for the French translation, it should instead be something more like : "Transport trop rapide ! Vous avez lâché la corde."
  4. Heartbroken

    Advanced Rappelling

    French : (For the moving too fast part I'm assuming you can only go downwards here so don't use this translation for urban rappelling :) Rappel Self : Descendre en rappel Rappel AI Units : Faire descendre les unités IA en rappel Detach Rappel Device : Détacher le harnais All rappel anchors in use. Please try again. : Tous les mousquetons sont utilisés. Réessayer plus tard. Moving too fast! You've lost grip of the rope. : Descente trop rapide ! Vous avez lâché la corde.
  5. Heartbroken

    Military cap without headset

    I haven't had time to check by meddling with the code but according to the CfgWeapons of the Military Cap there seems to only be one hiddenSelection used for the Military Cap... At least in the config files... :/
  6. Heartbroken

    Military cap without headset

    Sorry for upping an old thread but I've got the same problem as allarvendla. I've made retextures for the military cap/patrol cap but apart from editing the model I can't remove that pesky little headset. Pomigit, you said there was a model without the headset but I can't find it in the base game's pbos nor in actual coded in headgear. I simply wanted to know where can I find said model. Thank you in advance.
  7. Heartbroken

    R_Unfold - Unfoldable Map

    Nice ! I wondered what the update was when it downloaded in Sync. Another cool addition for immersion. :)
  8. Heartbroken

    R_Unfold - Unfoldable Map

    Really nice mod, it really ups the immersion while staying lightweight. I'll sure try to get my team to add it on our mod playlist. And by the way, I did a quick French translation seeing as everyone is adding their languages :) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Project name="R_Unfold"> <Key ID="STR_R_Unfold_UnfoldMap"> <English>Unfold Map</English> <German>Karte ausbreiten</German> <Polish>Rozłóż mapę</Polish> <Italian>Apri mappa</Italian> <French>Déplier carte</French> </Key> <Key ID="STR_R_Unfold_PickupMap"> <English>Pickup Map</English> <German>Karte aufheben</German> <Polish>Podnieś mapę</Polish> <Italian>Raccogli mappa</Italian> <French>Ramasser carte</French> </Key> <Key ID="STR_R_Unfold_OpenMap"> <English>Look At Map</English> <German>Karte anschauen</German> <Polish>Spójrz na mapę</Polish> <Italian>Guarda mappa</Italian> <French>Regarder carte</French> </Key> </Project>
  9. Heartbroken

    Robin DR 400

    I tried the mod and I have to note the same thing as dlang, the flight model is good although the plane should be far more sluggish when approaching stall speed, but what hit me the most was the speed and acceleration. The standard cruising speed of a DR400-120 is around 185km/h and while if you're on a hurry you can push it to ~200km/h you would be using a lot more fuel. And again as dlang said, while the first increment of flaps doesn't change much the flight dynamics full flaps results in one hell of a brake for the aircraft and you have to push the throttle quite a way forward IRL to keep the approach speed. Apart from theses details that you couldn't know if you haven't been in one of these, the model looks really good and I'd love to fly around the different maps in such an aircraft. I can't wait to see this mod become complete. :)
  10. Heartbroken

    Robin DR 400

    I'm a DR400-120 pilot, I haven't checked your mod out yet but I intend to as soon as I'm back on my gaming PC. If you need some comments on the mod's flight model and such I'd be eager to help :)
  11. Heartbroken

    Retexturing Support Truck Icons

    I'm having the exact same issue as I'm having a issues with a retextured Zamak as I'd like to have its MEDEVAC variant bear the Red Cross instead of the Red Crystal. I know where the actual Red Crystal texture is located in the game folder but I can't find in the configs what script adds it to the side, back, front and top of the vehicle as I would like to at least disable said script or even better, change what texture it would be applying.
  12. Heartbroken

    US Military Mod

    Then this solves everything :P And as Aniallator stated when you put a dependency on PWS whenever you try t download one mod it installs the dependency too which is annoying for my MilSim group since the CUP pack contains too many weapons that are "useless" to us. Anyway I can't wait to try your mod out, the texturing work alone looks incredible on the screenshots :)
  13. Heartbroken

    US Military Mod

    The mod looks epic and I'm gonna try it on my hand as soon as I get my hands back on my gaming pc. Would it be possible to see it added to SyncWithSix ? And if possible in two versions, one with and one without the CUP dependency, if that wouldn't be too much to ask for ? On that matter I've found this guy "timb120" who seems to have uploaded your mod both on Sync and the Steam Workshop http://withsix.com/p/Arma-3/mods/PbfvYTgb7ki-ggALhBvhyw/US-Military-Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=579942493 And while I'd love to see your mod on the platform I mentioned for my MilSim group's sake as a modmaker myself I wanted to let you know. :)
  14. Heartbroken

    Arma 3 Medals

    Allright, thanks, while I can't do modelling I'll try and I can texture a bit. And I can guess that you have a lot of work to do, you are showing a really good quality of content, no wonder eveyone want to see this mod out. And we'll use whatever medals you provide us, our community has one particular member that'll probably be the first to receive a medal, the bad flying one :D Last mission we did he managed to crash twice a full UH-60 :P
  15. Heartbroken

    Arma 3 Medals

    Wow, this really good looking and one hell of an idea. My French team was actually thinking of giving players service ribbons on our forums but I think we'll wait for your mod rather :P Hopefully there'll be some easy way to put in French medals such as the "Légion d'Honneur". Keep up the good work !