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  1. Been googling for a bit but I have been unable to find it so far, so excuse me if it's out there. I'm looking for the resolution / aspect ratio for the rugged screens texture's your able to apply Land_TripodScreen_01_dual_v1_F Land_TripodScreen_01_dual_v2_F Land_TripodScreen_01_large_F Cheers in advance!
  2. True, if you were to be on a PvP server it could be quite tedious, but for PvE with less pressure and more immersion, it would be great.
  3. And I'm sitting here all proud of my loadout menu, but it's nothing compared to this. great work man.
  4. Found them this morning as well, had to open up the PBO's since they were not present in the config browser for me. Using them for my service menu. For some reason the Kajman is out of center. (they all have a small offset to the left, got fixed after I made the gif)
  5. Love it, thanks a lot firewill outstanding work
  6. The MQ-12 Falcon has it, so i don't see a reason for the KH-3A Fenghuang not being able to have it. They are both from APEX release right? Question: does anyone know where the background pictures for the eden pylon menu are stored?
  7. If you want the Pylon to be empty just leave the classname of the weapon out. setPylonLoadOut [_x, "",true,-1]};
  8. That's what I thought, tried it and it did not work, but since you guys suggested it I tried again. And now it does work, well thanks a lot! I must have made a mistake somewhere down the line.
  9. I'm currently working on a vehicle selector script, but I seem to have trouble putting the array in my list box The code below will shot 1 till 4 in the listbox. _list = ["1", "2", "3", "4"]; _ctrl1 = (findDisplay 7720) displayCtrl 1500; { _ctrl1 lbAdd _x; } forEach _List); However, that's not what I want, I only want 1 and 3 to show while still being able to expand the array for as long as I wish. So i thought why not make it a dimensional array and select 0 of each array but how? How do i get _list = [["1", "2"], ["3", "4"]]; to output 1 and 3. I have been trying a lot but I can't seem to get it to work properly, A quick google search gave me no results. If it's there excuse me for not finding it. Cheers, Joey
  10. noilliz

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I don't think this is how the catapult should work.
  11. I'm having no issues with it, try adding it with the following script. Vehicle player setPylonLoadOut [1, "PylonMissile_1Rnd_AAA_missiles",true,-1];
  12. Scripting it on the Blackfoot worked fine for me, how are you doing it? Once I'm home from work I can take a look at it for you.
  13. noilliz

    AddAction Issue

    Not sure if it's me, but it looks like you are making it way too confusing/complicated. Why not use the condition parameter in the addiction. Let me quote it from the addaction wiki page: in there refer to a script that contains: _a = false; _veh = vehicle player; if (_veh isKindOf "Air") then { if (!driver _veh == player) then { _a = true; }; }; _a;
  14. Ohh I'm saving this link, thank you.
  15. Some planes already have that, I guess they just haven't finished it yet. Here is the Gryphon in the Eden editor.
  16. Had some fun with my minor scripting knowledge today and was making my first dialog menu. Ingame dynamic load outs are working, neat! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135909432?t=0s
  17. I guess I'm really blind, but in the config viewer I can't find anything that starts with PylonRack. What is the path towards the "PylonRack_Missile_BIM9X_x2"?
  18. Not sure what's causing it, but if i try to use the rudders, i instantly break my tail rotor in the advanced flight model. Great job on it so far tho, its looking really good.
  19. noilliz


    It looks like the mod got corrupted somehow, I don't believe you guys updated your mod recently, but redownloading fixed it.
  20. Just gave it a try, that sadly does not work, guess we are going to have to wait for an hotfix from BI then. their own compositions work fine.
  21. Since the 1.68 update I'm no longer able to place any of the compositions, I can still select them and see the global outline of where it is going to be placed. But it's not letting me place it down.
  22. noilliz


    Since the 1.68 update I'm no longer able to place any of the compositions, I can still select them and see the global outline of where it is going to be placed. But it's not letting me place it down. This also applies for ZEC 's mod.
  23. noilliz


    TFAR is not causing it either, the search goes on.
  24. noilliz


    It is being caused by a different mod, sadly i don't know which one at this point. They were not conflicting before the update. Ill just wait patiently for the big mods to update and see if that changes anything.