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  1. Phantomll

    PG Services (PMC)

    I am also experiencing the same issue expressed below. Additionally, I attempted using the linked key as well without success. I have tried various combinations -- including download the mod and key directly onto the server. Then placing the key in the correct directory. As well as various combinations of PW6 and Armaholic downloads. I even tried uploading my local copy of the mod and key. I am open to suggestions as I would like to resolve this issue. Thanks,
  2. Phantomll

    Murshun Easy Way Out

    That's glorious.
  3. Thanks for the update. This looks like a solid update and I look forward to exploring the new features! Much appreciated!
  4. Phantomll

    Script to force uniform?

    This will be extremely useful. Now to limit this to specific uniform classes. P.S: hey Diesel buddy.
  5. MDCCLXXVI, First off, amazing job with the script as it currently is. I have enjoyed utilizing it within my own missions/servers as well as making use of this script across various other public and private servers. Please excuse my comments if you have in fact already include this functionality and I have missed it. I have a few comments on features that I feel would be useful as well as some general comments and props. Ability to see persistent markers of all players (on their own side, personally we only play as one faction)/vehicles utilized by players (specifically those placed in the editor with the intended use to be for the players) Example/Use-case: Maps that have vehicles set to respawn only when destroyed. This gives the players the ability to setup FOBs with vehicles (HEMMTs with the ability (scripts) to load Huron containers and otherwise). Also if players take vehicles off to a distant AO or objective and happen to get gunned down and eventually get medivac'd out the ability to have a constant marker on vehicles would be fantastic. Either explicitly for vehicles or also to include items like support Huron containers and so on). Often times we see vehicles getting lost out in the world, and it becomes a search and rescue mission, while this can be fun it would be great to have the ability to toggle persistent tags on vehicles as well as players/groups. Frankly this is simply a feature my group is very interested in having and your script as of current provides the majority of functionality for this to happen from what we can tell. Perhaps there's a few configuration options I can change on the current revision of this script and if there is I apologize sincerely for not having noticed that and would appreciate any insight. If this is currently not implemented I feel it is a feature that could be quite useful. You have made a great and interesting script so far and see this extended in any regard is viewed as nothing but a positive by myself and my group. Thanks