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  1. thundazz

    A3 Campaign - Continuation for Tanoa?

    I think that the A3 campaign and the new Tanoa campaign will correlate, as there are multiple clues throughout the A3 campaign talking about the pacific, where Tanoa is. In the very first cutscene of "Survive" which shows the AAN broadcast it talks about "CSAT forces stepping up joint military exercises in the pacifc". Maybe it has something to do with that?
  2. That's great! I suggest using the MX Series or just the standard AAF weapons.
  3. Maybe you could make a Antifacist/far-left/communist militia that battles these guys. That would be pretty cool.
  4. All these theories on why are logical, but back to the mod, has the mod creator abandoned the idea? I haven't seen an update on here for a while.
  5. I'm aware as to why Altis and Statis were renamed and repositioned, but Im still confused as to why BIS kept the Name TF Aegis if Altis and Stratis are in the Mediterranian.
  6. Well Kerry is part of Task Force Aegan, which is where the real life Lemnos and Agios Efstratios is situated in the Aegan Sea. However the opening cutscene on Drawdown 2035 suggests that it is indeed closer to Italy. So Im confused as to where BI actually situated Altis and Stratis.
  7. This is a brilliant idea, and maybe you could include a old members of the AAF as a Independent or OPFOR group that fights against the New Altian Army.