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  1. KP Liberation v0.96.6 (old framework) released


    GitHub Download


    Steam Workshop collection



    • Added: Swedish Forces Pack transport configs. Thanks to @Dahlgren
    • Added: Parameter to enable/disable the vanilla A3 dynamic fog behavior. Default enabled, so `fucking_set_fog.sqf` isn't running by default.
    • Added: Parameter to enable/disable limitations on Zeus functionalities. Default enabled to keep old behaviour.
    • Added: Parameter to decide to start the campaign with a FOB container (default, like before) or a FOB truck.
    • Added: Parameter to allow enemies stay in immobile vehicles (default 50% chance).
    • Added: Sector despawn scaling. The longer sector is activated the longer it de-activates. Configurable as parameter, 5min additional delay max by default.
    • Added: Korean localization. Thanks to PanzerKoLee
    • Updated: Russian localization. Thanks to DjHaski
    • Tweaked: Initial FOB box doesn't have equipment in the inventory anymore.
    • Tweaked: Height check for mobile respawn now relies on `isTouchingGround` instead of z value of position.
    • Tweaked: Transport config heights on M977 vehicles. Thanks to FishAI
    • Tweaked: AI in building now has a dynamic radius to look for enemies until they start moving again depending on blufor/opfor ratio in sector.
    • Fixed: Potato 01 was created after server restart, even if there was one saved.
    • Fixed: Missing variable `stats_blufor_teamkills_by_players`. Also no separation between by players or not by players for teamkills anymore.
    • Fixed: Factory storages could disappear randomly on save load.
    • Fixed: Some Presets had CUP Towing Tractor in the wrong place or duplicated. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Fixed: CUP Presets still had the Nemmera in the support vehicle section. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Fixed: FOB resources weren't updated in build dialog, when building infantry units.
    • Fixed: Some missing parameter information in the map screens parameter overview.
    • Fixed: After creating a clearance at a FOB some light sources could remain.
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  2. KP Liberation v0.96.5 (old framework) released


    GitHub Download


    Workshop download of new maps:


    • Added: Contact DLC LDF preset.
    • Added: Contact DLC transport configs.
    • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod blufor preset.
    • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod opfor preset.
    • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod resistance preset. Thanks to @Bunnyhopps
    • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod civilian preset.
    • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod arsenal preset. Thanks to @Bunnyhopps
    • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod transport configs.
    • Added: Swedish Forces Pack arsenal preset. Thanks to @Dahlgren
    • Added: Swedish Forces Pack Desert blufor preset. Thanks to @Dahlgren
    • Added: Swedish Forces Pack Woodland blufor preset. Thanks to @Dahlgren
    • Added: Several CUP blufor presets. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Several CUP opfor presets. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Several CUP resistance presets. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Several CUP civilian presets. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Several CUP transport configs. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Statistic values for destroyed civilian buildings and vehicles.
    • Added: Statistic values for total and friendly resistance kills.
    • Added: Statistic values for spent/produced resources.
    • Added: Statistics will be posted additionally in the server log after winning the campaign.
    • Added: Encore Anti Air static to sensible presets.
    • Added: Additional victory conditions, selectable in the mission parameters.
    • Added: BI garbage collection via description.ext file.
    • Added: Transport configs for the civil transporters (which came with Laws of War).
    • Added: Livonia basefile.
    • Added: Livonia building ignore list.
    • Added: Island Panthera basefile. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Island Panthera building ignore list. Thanks to @Eogos
    • Added: Song Bin Tanh basefile.
    • Added: Song Bin Tanh building ignore list.
    • Added: "Create Clearance" Action at FOB for Commander or logged in Admin. Clears all terrain objects (no built objects) in FOB radius.
    • Added: FOB templates (FOB hunting) are now choosen in accordance with the selected opfor preset. Currently Unsung, Apex and "everything else" are separated. Thanks to @Bunnyhopps
    • Added: 15 new FOB templates for the FOB hunting side mission. Thanks to @Bunnyhopps
    • Removed: Vanilla player score saving.
    • Removed: Old garbage collection script, as there are now engine solutions available.
    • Tweaked: Changed default recycle building from carservice building to tanks repair depot building.
    • Tweaked: Changed default air building from small radar dome to encore static radar.
    • Tweaked: Vehicle in Vehicle action on FOB box is not displaying directly anymore when approaching the box.
    • Tweaked: Added elite vehicles to CSAT presets.
    • Tweaked: Formatting/Comments in the preset files.
    • Tweaked: objectInit function and added comments to the array.
    • Tweaked: Some smaller code optimizations in the whole framework.
    • Tweaked: Changes in elite vehicles in presets are now also applied during a running campaign.
    • Tweaked: Player lead squads are now also saved near FOBs. (but still needs to be reassigned via zeus after load, of course)
    • Tweaked: Weather is now only handled by the server.
    • Tweaked: Gear check after leaving the arsenal or load a loadout improved to not strip you completely. Thanks to Zharf
    • Tweaked: Build tool now also adds the correct map name to the mission name, like in the release files.
    • Tweaked: Sector defenders waypoint creation.
    • Tweaked: Daytime parameter values.
    • Tweaked: Shorter nights now multiplies the selected daytime time multiplier by 4 between 20:00 and 04:00. (3x between 21:00 and 03:00 before)
    • Fixed: Intel value could get corrupted if leaving the secondary dialog directly after starting a mission.
    • Fixed: "All is red" for first player after a server restart. (just a visual bug, doesn't affect gameplay)
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  3. With the GM presets you don't have a "main helicopter" like in any other presets.

    So you have to load the FOB box on a truck with the new added action for it. Transport it to your location, unload and deploy the FOB.

    So with the GM presets you don't slingload the container, you load and transport it. That's the only difference.

  4. Current scope for v0.96.5


    As some of you may already know, we'll release another update on the legacy framework with the release of the Contact DLC.

    We've now started to flesh out the scope for that update so far. Feel free to have a look and comment on it there. The current scope isn't very likely all which we'll provide with the update, so it'll be expanded further until the release.

    And it's still possible for everyone to contribute their presets for mods etc. so they'll be available for everyone. Bear in mind that we take them only as PR on GitHub and no "sended files" somewhere.


    Here is the GitHub link concerning v0.96.5: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/pull/618

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  5. When this happens you have to "repair" your intel value via e.g.

    resources_intel = 20;

    exec on server.


    This is caused when you start a secondary mission and close the dialog before you've gotten a notification that the mission is started or not possible anymore. So keep the dialog open until you get the message.

    This will be fixed in the next version which comes when Contacts is released.

  6. To edit the playable units (which is really only necessary for something like the voice, as you've mentioned already) you need to change them in eden.

    But when you set the playable units to opfor units, you also need to change the sides for blufor/opfor in the config file (switch east/west). But only needed if you change the playable units in Eden to opfor (east) units. Otherwise you don't need to switch sides or anything, but that is something you've already discovered 🙂

    Hope that'll help you.

  7. KP Liberation v0.96.4 for the legacy framework released


    As already announced earlier we've worked on a "small" update for the legacy framework since the last weekend and just released it at all usual places:


    Workshop Downloads

    GitHub Releases



    * Added: East Germany arsenal preset.

    * Added: West Germany arsenal preset. Thanks to @Dahlgren

    * Added: East Germany blufor and opfor preset.

    * Added: East Germany Winter blufor and opfor preset.

    * Added: West Germany blufor and opfor preset.

    * Added: West Germany Winter blufor and opfor preset.

    * Added: Germany (Global Mobilization) resistence preset.

    * Added: Germany (Global Mobilization) civilian preset.

    * Added: CSAT Vanilla blufor preset, CSAT Apex blufor preset and CSAT Arsenal preset. Thanks to zandru

    * Added: AAF and NATO opfor presets. Thanks to zandru

    * Added: Weferlingen Summer basefile.

    * Added: Weferlingen Winter basefile.

    * Added: Chernarus Winter basefile.

    * Added: Weferlingen Summer and Winter building ignore list.

    * Added: Rosche building ignore list. Thanks to @madpat3

    * Added: Support for ACE arsenal. Can be enabled via mission parameter.

    * Added: Fog removal script readded, as some people had issues with too much fog after some time.

    * Added: Vehicle in Vehicle transport actions for FOB Box.

    * Added: `kp_objectInits.sqf` for custom code on a vehicle after it has been loaded or built. No more changes in save_manager.sqf and do_build.sqf needed. Explanation in the Wiki

    * Removed: `KP_liberation_guerilla_transports` array from resistance presets, as it isn't used in the legacy framework.

    * Updated: Italian localization. Thanks to k4s0

    * Tweaked: Title of the mission to conform the Mission Name Standard from BI Forums

    * Tweaked: Weather module is also loaded, even with ACE running. (ACE doesn't control weather completely anymore)

    * Tweaked: Disabled script that switched locality of all blufor units to the commander machine. (should fix UAV issue)

    * Tweaked: `allPlayers` replaced with `(allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")` for scripts which should pause when no players are online. (logistic, resources, battlegroups)

    * Tweaked: Marker for civilian informant is an area now and not centered on the informants position anymore.

    * Tweaked: Renamed Huron marker.

    * Tweaked: If there isn't enough enemy territory left for a secondary mission to start, the player gets a small hint now.

    * Tweaked: BWMod item classnames in KP_liberation_allowed_items_extension. Thanks to @madpat3

    * Tweaked: Equalized all Eden attributes of the mission.sqm files.

    * Tweaked: Replaced deprecated `BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect` function calls with sensible select statements.

    * Tweaked: Versioning format from e.g. 0.964 to 0.96.4 for a better separation.

    * Tweaked: Arsenal whitelist/blacklist classes are case insensitive.

    * Tweaked: Vehicle permissions now via sensible event handlers instead of loop. Thanks to ColinM9991

    * Tweaked: Objects placed in Eden Editor won't be saved anymore. Fixes possible duplications on save/load.

    * Tweaked: Whole in game date and time is now persistent, not only the daytime.

    * Fixed: Annoying popup since A3 1.90 concerning missing entry for `widthRailWay`.

    * Fixed: Blufor soldier losses weren't counted in statistics.

    * Fixed: Missing `itemRadio` in some arsenal presets.

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  8. Sprint 12 finished


    Yesterday we've finished the 12th development sprint, which started at April 12.

    As always you can have a look at what we've achieved in this sprint in the corresponding dev-blog on GitHub.

    We're also looking for one additional Tester for our team. Details about this are also in the dev-blog.


    You can download the current preview, as always, on GitHub or via the Steam Workshop.

    Just make sure to read the dev-blog before starting the preview with wrong expectations.



    v0.96.4 - Global Mobilization Update


    We've already done some work for the small update for the legacy framework. If you want to have a look at the current content, you can have a look at the Pull Request on GitHub.

    You can expect the update for the legacy framework until the end of the week.

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  9. Contribute your KP Liberation legacy framework presets


    Due to the planned GM Update for the legacy framework, we would appreciate if some of you have some created opfor/blufor/arsenal presets laying around and want to contribute them. (e.g. CUP presets or other mods/factions which aren't covered for now)


    For contribution, create a Pull Request on the gm branch of the official KP Liberation repository: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/tree/gm

    If you don't know what that means, have a look at this small article: https://guides.github.com/activities/forking/


    Many thanks in advance.

  10. Small Update on the old framework incoming


    As we didn't expect any new official maps as we declared the 0.963a as the last version on the since then called "legacy Liberation framework", we decided to break that statement in a very small and limited range.

    Due to the new Weferlingen terrain and the two new factions we'll release one last™ update on the legacy framework.


    It'll contain the following:

    • Prepared mission.sqm for Weferlingen and Weferlingen Winter
    • Bufor and Opfor presets for East/West Germany troops
    • Transport configs for the new assets
    • CivRep building ignore list for Weferlingen
    • Some really small adjustments to the code (e.g. getting rid of the uncritical but annoying widthRailWay message and some other "quick wins")


    We won't implement anything new to the old framework beside of the above, as we'll still focus on the refactoring with 0.97.0.

    You can expect the release on GitHub and Steam Workshop in about one or two weeks, as we'll mainly take care of it after closing Sprint 12 of 0.97.0.

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  11. You should make a bookmark to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3

    That way you can read the vital information on commands you want to use.


    enableSimulationGlobal and hideObjectGlobal need to be executed on the server (2), not every machine (0), to work properly.

    Also remoteExec(Call) has [arguments] remoteExecCall ["Function", Targets, JIP]

    So "p1" is one of your arguments, not part of the function. I assume you've created the jets in Editor and assigned them these variables and that "p1" is the variable name of one jet.

    [p1, true] remoteExecCall ["enableSimulationGlobal", 2]
    [p1, false] remoteExecCall ["hideObjectGlobal", 2]

    Basically what you want, but just how to use remoteExec(Call) and the both requested function properly. It might need some more work by yourself to work in your special environment depending how you handle the player actions etc.

    In general you should invest some time in reading the wiki and other documentation for further issues you may come along in the future.