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  1. Yes, that was before 0.96 with the resistance faction. :)
  2. @jetset22a So you use classnames from the resistance side in the opfor preset and wondering why they behave like the resistance concerning friend or foe? Opfor preset -> opfor side You can't add resistance side classnames for Opfor, as it's obviously not the opfor side. Same if you would add classnames from the blufor side in the opfor preset.
  3. As also anwered in the Discord, I share it here, too. RHS seems to generate own "generic classnames" for weapons which attached grip (they switch the weapon to the predefined weapon with grip classname) Therefore you've to look about which exact classname the blacklist complains. (have a look at the server log for example) And then add this classname in the kp_liberation_config.sqf in the array: KP_liberation_allowed_items_extension
  4. Which single item decides in Liberation if you win or loose? And which players in Liberation don't care about conquering (as you have to conquer to win the campaign)? What kind of MHQ are they sneaking up to? Also your suggestion let me think that you maybe think about an other mission and not about Liberation or haven't played Liberation yet. @celludriel meant with "MHQ" the Mobile Respawn Trucks / Spartan 01 of the player side.
  5. To 2. There will be a kind of functionality in the future as I also don't like the "Mobile Respawn won't get touched by the enemy". But all in a balance between "needed work/codelines" against "real benefit". To 3. From your description it seems that everything is just fine. If the leader is "dead" someone has to take over the lead and start commanding. Don't know why to name that a bug. For the time you can't command, someone takes over. After you're respawned/revived you're again in command. Sounds all normal and fine. That the AI mess up your formations/positions is of course very frustrating but also not a "real bug" in my opinion. What are you missing? Can't understand what code you're missing.
  6. Hey there @celludriel thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the mission with your friends. Let's get to your points: 1. In 0.97 there is the "enemy rework" planned (0.96 is the "hearts & minds" version for example). Concerning this particular behaviour the simpliest "fix" will be to deactivate the "stand still until a player comes nearer than 40m to your position" if there are only ~4 enemy soldiers left or similar. But I guess there will be much more changes in the 0.97 version. In conclusion: I've this on my list :) 2. I know what you mean and sadly enough that you can't give an AI the order to attack an empty vehicle without workarounds (spawning an invisible drone etc. for example in the MHQ etc.). Basically I just can't repeat, that this is also on the list for the 0.97 overhaul, as it's connected to the category of "enemy behaviour". 3. This is the first thing I've to say that I personally won't implement this. Reason is that there is the civil reputation as "penalty" system and immersion factor. And the artillery is very expensive and has to be unlocked. But one thing I wouldn't like to do is to implement real hardcoded scripts which are there for the reason (don't get me wrong) "The players on my server can't behave, they ignore this and don't care about that, etc.". It's up to the players what they do with the mission. For example our community don't even use CAS if we attack a city with civilians, neither we use tanks etc. to prevent any colleteral damages. In my opinion it's an organization and social thing to draw the borders in which players want to play together and not the task of the mission creator to "restrict players in any aspect". Example the blacklist for the arsenal can be deactivated, the penalties for CivRep (if someone don't like it) can be set to 0, the production time of resources can be changed, etc. Long story short: In my opinion, if there is a "misuse" of the artillery there are these possibilities to handle it: Raise the price Remove it from the preset Talk with your players and stick to a convention concerning the use of that artillery The enemy behaviour or "strategical reactions" will change, of course. And my goal is to increase the feeling that you really "fight" against the enemy and get rid of the feeling that in the end the players the ones who decide where to fight and when. This includes changing the attacks on blufor FOBs and/or high value assets 4. 0.96 included the "civil reputation framework" if you want to name it that way. Means that it's the first implementation of this functionality. As there will be patches for 0.96 (0.961, 0.962, etc.) this will be expanded during that period. And one thing is indeed adding more possibilities to have influence on the civil reputation and the guerilla behaviour. This will include side missions and events. 5. Personally I don't use the BI Revive, as we play with ACE, so I can't say "yeah, that's something I've encountered, too". Maybe someone else can say something about this? Is it only for the time that you're incapacitated or also after a respawn/revive? If it's still there after respawn/revive it shouldn't be a problem to assign the leader again. If it's just during incapacitated state.... well.... guess that's something "BI related" then and it's something which will happen during the up to 3 minutes of this state. But I'll have a look at it after I've more information about this. Well, I hope I could answer your suggestions/feedback/questions with enough information from my side :) If you have concrete issue reports (for the BI Revive for example) or suggestions, please post them at the GitHub Repository. That'll help me to keep a better track of the issues/suggestions. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/issues
  7. Always append a serverlog with these kind of issues. Not directly in the thread, but via hastebin/pastebin link.
  8. @vagrantauthor @dvdbrewster Enable the civrep debug in the parameters and send the serverlog from a session where you experience this behaviour/issue. @Darkhound7 Yeah, sounds like a maybe outdated CUP version on the server.
  9. @Darkhound7 @theedge|jinx I don't know the script, but if you say the infantry unit just has to call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS you have to do this: \scripts\client\build\do_build.sqf At line 50 is the single infantry build. edit the createunit to: _classname createUnit [_pos, _grp,"this addMPEventHandler [""MPKilled"", {_this spawn kill_manager}]; [this] call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS;", 0.5, "private"]; At line 62 is the squad built. Edit the if there to this: if (_classname isEqualTo blufor_squad_para) then { _x createUnit [_pos, _grp,"this addMPEventHandler [""MPKilled"", {_this spawn kill_manager}]; removeBackpackGlobal this; this addBackpackGlobal ""B_parachute""; [this] call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS;", 0.5, _unitrank]; } else { _x createUnit [_pos, _grp,"this addMPEventHandler [""MPKilled"", {_this spawn kill_manager}]; [this] call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS;", 0.5, _unitrank]; }; \scripts\server\game\save_manager.sqf line 421 you see the load of the saved ai groups. edit the createunit to: (_nextunit select 0) createUnit [ _nextpos, _grp, 'this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled", {_this spawn kill_manager}]; [this] call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS;']; As I don't know the script you want to use, I can't guarantee that this will do what the script needs. But if you want to apply a function etc. to a built or loaded infantry units, these are the places.
  10. Haven't seen any issue like that in the past. Overlapping areas etc. won't affect the object add script for zeus.
  11. resource crates which aren't stored at a storage area or loaded upon a transport vehicle are intended listed in the zeus interface. To make it easier to find crates which aren't found by your squads.
  12. @vagrantauthor You can't produce in cities anymore. Refer to the changelog: Tweaked: Cities won't be able to produce resources anymore. @Nightwolf2112 The BI support system for artillery is basically implemented and some kind of working. But as it's not very reliable in MP environment it's completely commented out in the code currently. A replacement for this or a next attempt to achieve a full realiability in MP will be done later, as it don't has a huge priority for me currently.
  13. No, it depends also on the count of players who are near a sector. There is a script: scripts\server\sector\wait_to_spawn_sector.sqf This determines if maybe players just "fly by" or something before the whole spawn process etc. happen. Example how it works: If one player trigger a sector activation the script will delay the spawn up to 30 seconds and checks again, if there is this one player in the activation zone. If he is you can be sure that one player really wants to attack the sector, so the spawning begins. If a group of 12 players will trigger a sector activation there won't be any delay and the spawn will begin directly, because you can assume that if 12 players are near a sector there is no "accident" with activating the sector. You can comment out the call of this delay in the: scripts\server\sector\manage_one_sector.sqf at line 33 //from: [_sector, _opforcount] call wait_to_spawn_sector; //to: // [_sector, _opforcount] call wait_to_spawn_sector;
  14. 1. To adjust it you need to modify one of the scripts. There is no "change this one variable" on this. \scripts\server\base\startgame.sqf from line 48 until the end of the file 2. kp_liberation_config.sqf Line 95 GRLIB_sector_size = 1000; // Range to activate a sector.
  15. Hey there @daimyo21 Let's start with anwering your questions. Commander role has access to a "only command" zeus interface, which is meant to be use as strategic view and commanding interface for friendly AI troops. So no changes here to the method which was also used in Liberation before. It's a real system which was added in 0.96 and will also be expanded in the next patches for this "main version". Have a short look here: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:CIVREP They recapture points and attack FOBs, currently "infinite resources" and a "reaction driven" strategical behaviour. Basically said it's not changed since the old Liberation. But reworking exactly this aspect will be the main focus in 0.97 (after some patches for the 0.96 version) Up to 3 headless clients are fully supported with scrpipted offload balancing between the HCs. (if you use more than one) Basically the HC will take the AI and the server runs all the eventscripts, if you use HCs along to the server.
  16. @DruidicRifleman have a look at: scripts\server\base\startvehicle_spawn.sqf You can place another cluttercutter in the deck for example and spawn on this a new startvehicle with extending the code. Or just place the vehicle you want on the deck in the editor.
  17. There may be a way, I guess. But personally I don't know a "very good" method for it. Copy, open new file, right click, edit and something like "paste at exact same position". And in the end adjusting everything by hand, yeah ^^
  18. Glad you found the values, so that you can tweak them to be suitable for your playstyle. Recommend to take notice of the messages in the chat during play, where you can read a message if a civilian was killed or the population are complaining about destroyed buildings. The penalties are exactly that value which you see in the config, no change in the game.
  19. No changes to them, but if you've edited your custom.sqf, you've to do it again or copy over your edited one from before the hotfix, yeah
  20. With which changes? This one? Tweaked: Preset system split to select blufor, opfor, resistance and civilians independently. The presets are basically still the same as before, just split currently, to provide the possibility of easier compositions of which factions are playing together (custom Vanilla vs. russians, USAF vs. CSAT, etc.)
  21. What's wrong with the current system? kp_liberation_config.sqf /* Which arsenal preset should be used? 0 = Use the default blacklist method (defined below). 1 = Custom arsenal preset (edit the custom.sqf in the arsenal_presets\ folder to change things for your own versions and tweaks). 2 = Killah Potatoes Gaming Community arsenal preset. 3 = RHS USAF arsenal preset. 4 = RHS USAF arsenal preset with ACE. 5 = RHS USAF arsenal preset with ACE and ACRE. 6 = 3cbBAF and RHS USAF arsenal preset. */ KP_liberation_arsenal = 0; Example of the RHSUSAF+ACE arsenal preset: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/blob/master/Missionframework/arsenal_presets/rhsusaf_ace.sqf
  22. 0.96 Hotfix Updated: RHS GREF resistance preset. Thanks to FatRefrigerator Fixed: Sort function for storage areas. Fixed: HC Sector spawn issue. Download at GitHub
  23. You can edit all penalty values and spawn chance percentages in the kp_liberation_config.sqf of your missionfile. So you could also set the penalties to 0. @DruidicRifleman You should have a look at the devkit instructions. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Devkit
  24. 0.96 Release Download via GitHub Workshop versions will be updated in the next couple of minutes. Use a fresh save/campaign for 0.96. Using an old 0.955 save could cause issues. If you need the old missionfile to finish your campaign first, you can still download it at the GitHub releases tab. Changelog: Added: BI Support System functionality. (Currently deactivated, as there are still issues in MP) Added: Parameter for access to the Support System -> Disabled, Commander, Whitelist, Everyone. Added: BI Artillery support for artillery vehicles and mortars (if built manned or AI ordered to get in as crew). Added: Players can request artillery support from players (generates task). Added: Civil Reputation. Added: Config variables in kp_liberation_config.sqf. Added: Reputation penalty for killing civilians. Added: Reputation penalty for killing allied resistance fighters. Added: Reputation penalty for seizing civil vehicles. Added: Reputation penalty for destroyed/damaged civil buildings. (evaluated only on capture a sector event) Added: Mission parameter to choose building penalty for damaged or only destroyed buildings. Added: Reputation gain for liberated sectors. Added: After capturing a sector you might find wounded civilians. You can also gain reputation for offering medical support. Added: Civil informant. Added: If you've a good reputation, a civil informant can rarely spawn at blufor sectors. Added: Intel increase, if you capture the informant and bring him back to a FOB. Added: There is a chance that an informant will reveal a time critical task to kill a HVT. Added: Asymmetric Threats. Added: Possibility of IEDs in blufor sectors, if you have a bad civil reputation. Added: Own logistic convoys can be ambushed by guerilla forces. Added: Value for guerilla strength which will be affected by the events connected to guerilla forces. Added: Guerilla forces presets. Added: Dynamic guerilla forces equipment depending on their strength value. Added: Chance that guerilla forces will join the fight at a sector as friend or foe. (depends on reputation) Added: Possibility of a guerilla ambush in blufor sectors (additional to IEDs). Added: Chinese Simplified localization. Thanks to nercon Added: Automatic server restart script for dedicated servers. Thanks to k4s0 Added: Settings in the mission parameters for particular debug messages. Added: Factory map markers now indicate which production facilities are available there. Added: LoW Civilians. Added: LoW UAV backpacks to the default blacklist. Added: LoW AL-6 Pelican UAV. Added: Some of the new RHS vehicles. Added: Turkish localization. Thanks to Carbneth Added: Parameter to set a cooldown for using mobile respawns. Updated: English ingame tutorial texts in stringtable. Thanks to FatRefrigerator Removed: Liberation skill handling of AI units, as BI do this good enough now concerning wounds, etc. Removed: Vehicle explosion chance script for convoy ambush. Removed: Old debug messages. Tweaked: Terrain alignment will be persistent during repeat building of objects (like walls). Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Some reordering of UI elements. Tweaked: Localization support for the extended options menu. Thanks to nercon Tweaked: Highlight color in production list changed to blue instead of misleading green. Tweaked: Amounts of resources on each FOB and production site is now visible in logistic dropdown menu as (Supplies/Ammo/Fuel). Tweaked: Removed the logistic convoy cap of 26 (which was due to the alphabet). Tweaked: Captured enemy vehicles are now also listed in the commanders zeus interface. Tweaked: Cities won't be able to produce resources anymore. Tweaked: IED count in cities, capitals and factories is now dependend on the civil reputation. Tweaked: Corrected some strings in the stringtable. Tweaked: Factories don't have all facilities from the start anymore. The facility they start with is set at campaign start. Tweaked: Replaced all deprecated BIS_fnc_selectRandom with the engine solution selectRandom. Tweaked: Server log will now contain the [STATS] message of all clients. (players and HCs) Tweaked: Preset system split to select blufor, opfor, resistance and civilians independently. Thanks to Applejakerie Tweaked: Capitals, cities and factories are now basically guarded by "militia" forces. Switching to regular army if the enemy combat readiness is increased. Tweaked: Static weapons array missed some weapons. Tweaked: Civil vehicles are now saved at a FOB after they were seized by players. Tweaked: Some small code optimizations and format corrections. Fixed: Player got custom recoil and aiming coefficients on respawn. Fixed: Rare script error on closing respawn screen directly after joining the mission. Fixed: Players could deploy multiple FOBs when they selected deploy fast enough on the same container. Fixed: It was possible to disassemble a mortar in preview. Fixed: Preview vehicles could get saved if you shut down the mission right after canceling the build process or if you'd still the preview in front you. Fixed: Small issues due to the default "hold fire" combat mode for AI. Fixed: Single Infantry units weren't saved sometimes. Fixed: Paratroopers got sometimes an attack helicopter instead of a transport helicopter. Fixed: Rescue helipad blocked building in their near vicinity. Fixed: MPKill Eventhandler issue when using ACE. Fixed: Function to buy a logistic truck worked but caused an error in dedicated server environment. Fixed: Couldn't build under powerlines. Fixed: Items in backpack weren't checked by arsenal blacklist crawler.