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  1. How is this connected to Liberation? General ArmA questions should be asked where they belong and not in threads where the author of Mods/Missions answers very frequently. I recommend you familiarize yourself with server configuration and administration. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg
  2. @D. Patterson Not from my side (even don't know that terrain). Have a look at this: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/wiki/EN_Devkit @M.Mosley Yes. Look at this: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/wiki/EN_ConfigFiles#presetsbluforopforresistancecivilianscustomsqf
  3. Sara is the abbreviation for the Sahrani terrain.
  4. Units are only saved in the FOB build area and if not member of a player squad. Ungroup them from your squad via Zeus (ctrl+drag) before leaving the game (wait 1 minute after ungrouping). After loading you can regroup them with the same procedure again.
  5. @vagrantauthor Nothing to worry about. It's safe to be closed upon display. Could be something in the terrain or a small thing in the mission.sqm made by the creator of the used chimera base on Taunus. But nothing which would break anything. @sammael No, it's not selectable in the SP scenarios. But you also don't need a dedicated server. Just start the game as a local LAN MP game and you've a "singleplayer".
  6. Here you could adjust the colors: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/blob/master/Missionframework/ui/liberation_titles.hpp#L425
  7. So you have a repair HEMTT in your FOB, you drive the HEMTT to the damaged vehicle (or vice versa), go in the damaged vehicle and it's not fully repaired? If yes -> write a proper issue report on GitHub: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/issues
  8. Sounds like you're using ACE. (one of the vital information is which mods you're using) So you should check your settings and/or get familiar with the mod. Liberation don't influence the ACE settings. https://ace3mod.com/wiki/
  9. Without any information, no.
  10. In your server profile (difficulty settings). Nothing which is controlled by Liberation itself. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile#Arma_3
  11. Added: IDE editorconfig file. Added: Overview of actual applied mission parameters on the map screen as diary record. Removed: Always no fog. Tweaked: Overview picture for loading and mission selection screen. Tweaked: Log output source name is now set at each run. Fixed: File name instead of mission name in mission selection screen. Fixed: "Taking Command" spam from AI after players death. Fixed: Fixed range for recycling and start of building instead of using FOB range. Fixed: Some vehicles with dynamic loadout support lost their weapons when rearmed by Liberation rearm module.
  12. Factories https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/wiki/EN_Sectors
  13. From which version did you updated? Pre 0.96? 0.96 Changelog from 12th October 2017: Tweaked: Cities won't be able to produce resources anymore.
  14. Changes on the "elite vehicles" array in the preset are only forwarded to the campaign, if you wipe your campaign and start fresh.
  15. Development Team formed I'm very happy to announce, that veteran29 will be the first official additional member of a now formed "Liberation Dev Team". He always contributed very good features to the mission already and I'm really looking forward to get more hands on this project. Especially concerning the refactoring it's a lot of work which would've needed to be done by me alone, so I really appreciate the help and willingness. With the forming of a "real team" there will be coming some new information on the GitHub wiki which are necessary if working with other people together. Coding and Contribution Guidelines are one of the first things we need to determine for the future teamwork. You can also expect another small hotfix for 0.963a during the upcoming week. And hopefully it'll really be (haven't I said that before already?) the last needed hotfix. It adresses an issue with the save/load of params and implement a fix for a not critical thing in the automatic BI Revive enable/disable (depending if ACE is loaded or not).
  16. @praetis Guess I can add something for the next version. @subs17 Changelog from 0.963a If you play with the Vanilla (custom.sqf) or Apex (apex.sqf) preset you have the Tanks DLC vehicles available. @PSYKO_nz Weird thing. The recycle action is available inside the FOB build area. And it just checks if a salvage depot is built at that FOB. So there is no "own salvage depot range". When you have the recycle option, you also have the option to open the build menu?
  17. Set your parameters in the way you want them and change the first option in the parameters from "load" to "save". Start the mission and as the "load" is the default value, it'll load your now saved values after every start. It don't change the parameters in the "parameters overview" after a restart. It'll be applied from the saved data after you've started the mission.
  18. And another small Hotfix (which should really be the last one) https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/releases/tag/v0.963a-Hotfix2
  19. Small Hotfix I've released a small hotfix yesterday via Steam and on GitHub. It just fixes a small issue with the BI Revive deactivation when ACE medical is loaded. Cause was a missing push of a commit before release. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/releases/tag/v0.963a-Hotfix
  20. Did you load the mod on the server? If yes, join the discord and provide a serverlog there.
  21. v0.963a released Added: Action to raise/lower object while building. Thanks to darrell-aevum Added: Some classnames to arsenal allowed extension list. Thanks to madpat3 Added: Functionality to save/load mission parameters. Thanks to veteran29 Added: Presets for: RDS Civilians, Project OPFOR SLA and Project OPFOR RACS. Thanks to PSYKO-nz Added: Automatic mission pbo build tool (available on GitHub). Thanks to Dahlgren and veteran29 Added: Tanks DLC classnames for presets. Added: Group diag output for serverlog. Added: Debug output for group count and amount of active scripts. Liberation starts with [13,70,0,1] and may rise to [70,70,0,1]. Added: Notification for incoming guerilla forces when attacking a sector. Added: Vehicle chance for guerilla forces who approach a sector. Added: Traditional Chinese localization. Thanks to KOEI5113 Removed: Some old scripts which aren't needed anymore. Tweaked: All spawn compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers replaced with execVM. Tweaked: All createGroup now with activated deleteWhenEmpty. Tweaked: All BIS_fnc_relPos replaced with getPos. Tweaked: Guerilla forces event chances, strength gain values and unit amounts. Tweaked: The Commander / Admin can now change the permissions of offline players. Tweaked: BI Revive is now automatically deactivated if ACE Medical is loaded. Tweaked: FPS map marker is now below the map and also shows count of local groups. Fixed: Placement of buildings after save/load. Thanks to Cre8or Fixed: Sometimes helicopters exploded when spawning on the deck of the USS Freedom. Fixed: Players couldn't ziptie the civilian informant, if playing with ACE. Download via the Steam Workshop or on the GitHub Release Page It'll stay in a seperate branch and won't be merged into the master branch (to ensure a merging of 0.97 later without too much conflicts)
  22. "Small" Announcement I'm planning on releasing one last update for the current Liberation framework on the 11th April 2018 or maybe one day later as version 0.963a. This will add some performance tweaks, the Tanks DLC classnames, a parameter save/load functionality, some smaller things and also a bugfix from @Cre8or for the misplacement of FOB buildings after you load a saved campaign. The work on the full refactoring of the framework is still running and will propably be released in a few months as 0.97. It's a huge task to rewrite the whole code in a totally different structure and from a different point of view, especially if you do something in your spare time as a hobby project beside going to university and having a job. So I estimate that 0.97 will be released before fall this year, but don't expect it next month or something. One important aspect to the planned 0.963a is, that it'll be the last release from my side which is under the MIT license. So it can be used/edited/published/etc. from everyone without real restrictions beside of the condition of keeping a "License and copyright notice". With 0.97 the whole framework will be, with kind permission from zBug as creator and developer of the first Liberation mission until 0.924, published under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The conditions of this license are: License and copyright notice: A copy of the license and copyright notice must be included with the software. State changes: Changes made to the code must be documented. Disclose source: Source code must be made available when the software is distributed. Same license: Modifications must be released under the same license when distributing the software. In some cases a similar or related license may be used. The decision to change the license is mostly because of the additional conditions of "state changes" and "disclose source". I'm a huge fan of open source and in the past many people used the framework in its continued development stages, which is great and a huge compliment for the mission in its state, but some people also do this even without the MIT condition and may edit or add things to their version without a public access to their source code (besides unPBO'ing the mission and looking yourself). It hasn't just happened once that someone asks me for support, then I asked about a list of changes they've made (GitHub commit history for example) and the answer was analogously "It's in a private repository so that others can't steal the things we've added to be better than other server admins. Can't give you access, sorry". Also if players join the KP Liberation Discord and seek for support it happens that they use a derivative published in the workshop from someone (which is totally fine) but he doesn't get answers from the derivative creator. Mostly these people don't have a public repository where I could see the changes made to be able to provide support even if I've not done that particular derivative. So they mostly get a unsatisfying "ask the particular publisher via some way", because the support team and I can't give support to versions without disclosed source. At the beginning I also started by modifying the mission for my community and doing some contributions to zBugs repository. Then I just thought "Well, why not sharing it with everyone? Maybe some people like and use it in one way or another". And the mission has gone a good way since the last year of development. Much more then I've ever expected. This wouldn't be the case if I would've done this in a small private chamber without letting others have a look at my work. And with the GNU GPLv3 the disclosed source will be a "hardcoded condition" if someone starts working on it in an own derivative. There are some concessions for private communities with private servers, which are listed in this Short License Summary on GitHub. Rolling changelog (so not yet finished) for 0.963a: English German
  23. No, not really. Helipads are "special". That you can't "interact" with them concerning recycle etc. is the reason why they are added to the zeus interface. To have a possibility to delete them.
  24. @SSG Garcia-506th IR @Darkhound7 is right with his hint. Have a look at the changelog of 0.962: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Changelog#0962-10th-december-2017 This change is also in the actual devkit, so I guess you've used an old one.
  25. There won't be a 0.964. The next version will be 0.97 and is some months away. A small update will be published for the release of the tanks dlc, but nothing which would make a 0.963 save incompatible. And concerning Versions have a look at this: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Versioning