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  1. Small hotfix Fixed BI Revive Error If you start the mission not from the editor or dedicated server, you've gotten an error message. So I moved the params directly into the list without include. Nice side effect is, that you can adjust the default values now without problems. Hotfixed Version on Github
  2. KP Liberation for ArmA 3 Current version : 0.93 Well... As promised I spend this day at the first step to continue the work. Done some code inspections, start to build a framework for coming presets and maps, added some small features and find a good starting point like "so less mods as needed, but many room for additionals" for the upcoming work with this mission. If you encounter any bugs or issues (and there will be some I bet), please report them on GitHub and not only here or in our Discord. That would greatly help me, to keep a good overview over any reports. Really hope, that @zbug will return in the future, but if not: let us keep this mission running. Things that were added since GreuhZbugs 0.924 Added the kp_liberation_config.sqf with some additional config values Added ACE support Added fuel consumption script Moved the classnames_extension.sqf to a preset system Added preset system (will grow with more maps) to choose between different classnames_extension presets Added a custom.sqf in the preset system, where you can adjust everything to your liking (like editing the old classnames_extension.sqf) Tweaked the player group organisation (group changing via extended options ingame still enabled) Added BI Revive System. Activate it via Parameters in the MP Lobby if you don't use ACE Added an option in the mission parameters to disable the whole mapmarkers and disable the function in the extended options for every player Removed Farooq's Revive Added the ability to blacklist arsenal items More informations are on the GitHub page of this mission. Needed Mods Although it's a common basic for everyone, you need CBA A3 To start from an LHD at Altis, you need the ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus Currently available maps Altis More will come after I tweaked some things on our community ports for Takistan and Chernarus ACE Serverside Settings I've provided our community serverconfig.hpp for the usage with the ace_server.pbo for dedicated servers. Just copy the userconfig folder into your ArmA 3 Server folder and start the ace_server.pbo as serverside mod. Join us on Discord If you like, you can head over to our Discord. But please post real issues and bugs on GitHub, because that way I've much more overview about reported things. Click to join the Killah Potatoes Discord Server Get the Mission Download via GitHub
  3. I am planning to continue the work of @zbug, because he seems to have most likely abandoned his project. He worked about 2 years on this great mission and I think that shouldn't be left behind. His Licence for the mission allow to take everything and continue working on it as long as the work will be published under the same licence, what I would do of course. If he ever returns to the mission making, I would give him all I've done till then, so he could maybe use some of it or continue working on the mission at that state. I'll post all necessary informations for a Liberation 0.93 this evening or tomorrow in this thread.
  4. Did you set enough of the markers (opfor_point_xyz) for the map, so that the script can find a position where a fob would fit?
  5. Updated Version of Liberation Takistan As promised I've updated our old Takistan Version. I've made it this morning and didn't test it with our community, but as I used actual scripts from our chernarus version with classnames of the old takistan version, it should work fine. You can download it via Github: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation.Takistan/releases Also be sure, to read the needed mods section: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation.Takistan/blob/master/README.md If you encounter any problems, please post them there: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation.Takistan/issues
  6. ACE runs fine with Liberation, never encountered problems. Be sure to deactivate the revive scripts in Liberation and use the serverconfig.hpp and ace_server.pbo on your server.
  7. Well, then I can't see any reason why you could see some of the enemy units. As you say you've edited the missionfile to your communitys liking and I can't know what you've really changed in maybe other files than the classnames_extensions. Normally and intended (and I personally can verify that it works well) you have the units in your zeus, which you've in your classnames_extension and nothing more. The Commander can delete (not destroy) and command units via zeus, nothing more.
  8. In Zeus you only can edit and see the units which are listed in the classnames_extension.sqf So normally you only have to put the classnames there, what you've done as you mention that you can build them. If you use ACE with the ace_server.pbo and a serverconfig.hpp, you should check that ace_zeus_autoAddObjects is disabled. The ACE autAddObjects is clearly the reason that you see enemy and civilian units. But if you don't use the ace_server on your server and have this issue, some more information would be helpful. (Mods, Liberation Version, etc.)
  9. Many thanks, that you think that I am (maybe because I answered some questions in the git the last time) the mission maker. I only answer questions in the git and provided some very small code parts to the mission. But I'm not the mission maker. The creator of this mission is @zbug Additional to his BI Forum profile here some other links: His Github profile: https://github.com/GreuhZbug Git of the mission: https://github.com/GreuhZbug/greuh_liberation.Altis The website of his clan: http://arma.greuh.org/forum/ Hope I could help. Maybe I can also help with some problems. It would be best to report them in the issues area of the missions git on github, because at least I will read what's posted there and are always willing to help. EDIT: But well, the Liberation Takistan port is done by us. But it's not in the actual version of Liberation itself. At the moment we're playing Liberation on Chernarus (also an own port). If there's still interest in Liberation on Takistan (or other maps) you could send me a message and I could provide the ports via github. I would not recommend, to use the old Takistan port from our git, because it's with the old Version of Liberation. I'll also delete this old thing at Github just now.
  10. To be honest, I've not looked really for a script before I wrote this one, so I don't know if there are maybe already better scripts or something. I like it to do these things myself, because this also trains in the sqf language and understanding. I'll have a look tomorrow morning to another modification. Counting the passengers and adjust the consumption on that with a small multiplier. Tried today already something with the getMass function, but well.... the items in the vehicle inventory and also crates in the ACE vehicle cargo don't have a physX Mass, so they're not added to the vehicle mass if loaded in. If I miss something there, I'll would be thankful for any hint (yes, a hint... not a "here is a script for that", because I want to learn and not to copy) :)
  11. Hey @breech99, thanks for your reply and as I read it I've done some modifications this morning. First an explanation of which thought I followed with this script: My goal is not to have a "realistic" fuel consumption depending on hp, engine volume, rpm, etc. for each individual vehicle. It is more the thought of the logistics to operate a vehicle. So the time you can drive is intended (at the moment) for every vehicle the same. But what differs is the amount of fuel it consumes. Relative consumption is always the same for each vehicle, but the amount in litres to refuel the vehicle differs on the fueltank size. So to operate a Truck it consumes more litres from your resupply truck than operating a quadbike. Now to the modification I made: Settings are now in the sqf and not via parameters for the execVM. Added the "max" consumption value for driving at 90% or above of the max speed of a vehicle. Moved from init.sqf to initPlayerLocal.sqf Example for a HEMTT: Max speed for a HEMTT in cfgVehicles is 80 km/h. If you drive the HEMTT with only "W" you reach about 70 km/h on a flat street -> normal consumption If you use "Shift+W" you reach the max speed if 80 km/h -> max consumption as you increase speed above the normal value. I've done some testings with different cars and mostly the maxSpeed - 10% is near the "only W" speed, so the max consumption fires only if you drive with "turbo". It's a pitty that I haven't found a "normalMaxSpeed" value or something in the cfgVehicles which would return the maximum "only W" speed of a vehicle. Maybe I've missed that, so I would be thankful for any hint on this.
  12. At the moment the threshold of 5 is only to check if someone is driving or standing with the vehicle. But I've already thought about include the count of passengers or weight to the calculation with a multiplier. Also some kind of "full speed" status where it consumes also something more per tick.
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    KP Ranks

    Danke, hoffe es findet rege Anwendung in deinen Runden. Thanks, hope it will be useful for you.
  14. Does someone have a similar message in theit server rpt? Error in expression <Type false)) exitWith { false }; if( !ACRE_AI_ENABLED && _var ) then { [] call> Error position: <ACRE_AI_ENABLED && _var ) then { [] call> Error Undefined variable in expression: acre_ai_enabled File idi\clients\acre\addons\api\fnc_setRevealToAI.sqf, line 13 We don't use mission modules to configure ACRE, we use the following settings in the init.sqf of our missions: [false, true] call acre_api_fnc_setupMission; [true] call acre_api_fnc_setRevealToAi; [0.25] call acre_api_fnc_setLossModelScale; [false] call acre_api_fnc_setFullDuplex; [false] call acre_api_fnc_setInterference; [true] call acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection; ["en","Englisch"] call acre_api_fnc_babelAddLanguageType; ["fr","Französisch"] call acre_api_fnc_babelAddLanguageType; ["ch","Chinesisch"] call acre_api_fnc_babelAddLanguageType; Everything is working fine during the game, as far as we recognize it. But I discovered above error message.
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    KP Ranks

    Thanks to mention the update in the armaholic news @foxhound :)
  16. Uh, that's really a fail. Think everyone was thinking, that there is an actual permission from the original creators of R3F. Would recommend to sort that out, before anything will be continued. Short report to topic: sandbags can't be moved after placement. But as it seems, there are more important things to be sorted out.
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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    At the moment I get an error every time I click on "My Units" I want to change the image for the unit via "Edit Unit Profile & Settings" -> Media -> Unit Emblem. Everytime I upload the new one it is shown very small above the old one. If I click on save I get again the same error and the image won't change. Error Message (upper right, red Background): An error occurred while performing the requested operation.
  18. Wyqer

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I really like the idea of the units system and it is much more transparent as the "old" squad.xml and squad URL system. But there is one thing that would be really great: A little system inside the units system to create squads and assign squad leader and members.
  19. Hey Guys, I'm just working on a script that will give a penalty of X ammo (at the moment 25) for each civilian kill done by a player. It is based on the bounty script for destroying enemy vehicles. It works great at SP and MP on a own started local server. But it won't work at our dedicated server and I still try to figure out why it won't work exactly. Tried many things like remove the "if(isDedicated)" in the script which will show the message of being punished. But no joy. Also even it this would be the "error" there should happen the removal of the 25 ammo, because the message script gets calles after the removal. Maybe someone of you has a hint for me. init_shared.sqf Line 20 remote_call_civ_penalty.sqf whole sqf kill_manager.sqf Line 52-57
  20. I made it also because i need a light signal for one of my missions to signal the players that it's safe or even not safe to approach to a beach for an amphibious landing. :)
  21. Maybe you're right @driftingnitro ;) But it's a funny thing to see ^^ I've just uploaded also an example mission on github, where you can see the script and try it via radio commands.
  22. - .... .- -. -.- ... .... --- .--. . -.-- --- ..- .-.. .. -.- . .. - .-.-.-
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    description.ext does the work as it should. Sorry to bothering without testing all possibilities :(
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    Hey there, a great and interesting mission. Many thanks for your work :) I'm trying to add an own asset list in the cfgWLRequisitionPresets.hpp at the moment. I used the format you provided on the first page and changed the value of the init module in your mission.sqm from the A3DefaultAll to the new asset name. But if i start the mission the whole recruiting tab is empty. Is there something I missed? Do i have to also provide classes like A3DefaultInfantry: A3DefaultAll and let it match my asset name like [assetname]Infantry: [assetname]? Or do I have to add it at the description.ext? This let me think that I can also add it in the cfgWLRequisitionPresets.hpp Some snippets maybe help: asset class in cfgWLRequisitionPresets.hpp Edited area of mission.sqm in ...\JEZ_Warlords\MPScenarios\MP_Warlords_01.Altis (I'm wondering about the "[""Assetname""]" there, but that's how it worked and was written with the default asset) class Item15 { value="IND_F"; parentCls="JEZ_ModuleWLInit_F"; typeName="FactionIndep"; }; class Item16 { value="[""BWAsset""]"; parentCls="JEZ_ModuleWLInit_F"; typeName="AssetList"; }; class Item17 { value="1"; parentCls="JEZ_ModuleWLInit_F"; typeName="MissionEnd"; };